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DoorDash’s voice ordering service could have AI take your carryout order

DoorDash’s voice ordering service could have AI take your carryout order

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 29th, 2023

The service will have AI answer all of a restaurant’s phone calls.

DoorDash is launching a new answering service for restaurants that could put you on the phone with AI when ordering takeout or delivery. With the new service, restaurants can have AI field phone calls and take orders from customers, with live agents available “to support customers at any time.”

The answering service is supposed to pick up every phone call that restaurants receive, making it easier for staff to manage takeout orders while juggling in-person customers. When someone calls in, the AI-powered service will attempt to upsell them by offering “curated recommendations to complement their meal,” while also offering multiple language options. Meanwhile, callers who have ordered from the restaurant before will get the chance to “quickly reorder their favorite meal.”

“DoorDash is committed to collaborating with restaurant partners to best identify how to support their needs, as a one-size-fits-all approach for phone ordering capabilities isn’t realistic,” DoorDash spokesperson Trent Hodson tells The Verge. If a customer encounters an issue that neither AI nor the live agent can help with, Hodson adds that it will be “escalated to a store for additional support.”

It doesn’t seem like the service is widely available to restaurants just yet, as DoorDash says only “select operators” can use it for now. DoorDash isn’t the only company to incorporate AI with food ordering. While both Wendy’s and White Castle are trying out AI chatbots that take your order at the drive-through, IHOP is also using AI to provide personalized food recommendations for online orders.

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