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Yahoo Mail isn’t dead and adds AI capabilities

Yahoo Mail isn’t dead and adds AI capabilities

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 29th, 2023

Yahoo Mail wants to help find forgotten gift cards using generative AI.

Email really can be the treasure trove of potential generative AI uses, so check your old Yahoo Mail address because Yahoo wants to add more AI capabilities.

Yahoo used Google Cloud’s AI platform to build out its generative AI features. The features were previously tested only on iOS users, but now, it’s available to users on web browsers.

The company said it is adding a shopping feature called Shopping Saver, which finds gift cards, discount codes, and store credits hidden in inboxes and helps draft messages to use those savings even after purchase. Yahoo claims Shopping Saver is “unique to Yahoo Mail.”

Josh Jacobson, senior vice president and general manager of Yahoo Mail, said in a statement that Shopping Saver will “help users save time and money, making strides towards an assistive inbox.” The company said nearly half of US adults have at least one unused discount code or gift card.

Other AI features include an improved search mode where users can ask questions or choose from suggested prompts to find old emails rather than type keywords, a writing assistant that guides users to select the most appropriate tone of the email, and a message summary highlighting important information in an email.

Generative AI-powered email has been around since ChatGPT became popular. Google added AI-assisted email writing, and Microsoft integrated email summaries in Outlook.

In its heyday, Yahoo was one of the most popular search and email engines. In 2019, the company’s previous owner, Verizon, deleted all content in Yahoo Groups, erasing a huge chunk of early oughts discussions, photos, and files. Apollo Global Management bought Yahoo and AOL — then called Verizon Media — for $5 billion and restored the Yahoo name.

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