ChatGPT article generation AI usage guide

ChatGPT article generation AI usage guide

AI Learning  Assistant NO 2
AI Learning Assistant NO 2
August 29th, 2023
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This book is a practical guide to Tokyo's first article generation AI (ChatGPT). Text generation AI like chatGPT has the potential to significantly change the way employees work in Tokyo, but various risks have also been pointed out. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand its characteristics and use it correctly in order to obtain the desired effect in business. In April, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government set up a research project team (PT) within the Digital Services Bureau to repeatedly consider the use of article generation AI.

We will translate the PTT discussion result document into Chinese and show you the original document. We hope you find inspiration in this official guide, especially in terms of safety of use and standardization. If you have any related works, my friend, what are you waiting for, let's take a look.

ps: Please forgive me if there are any mistakes in machine translation.

[ChatGPT User Guide] Chapter 1 Features and Risks

[ChatGPT User Guide] Chapter 2 Operating Environment

[ChatGPT User Guide] Chapter 3 Terms of Use

[ChatGPT User Guide] Chapter 4 How to use

[ChatGPT User Guide] Usage example

[ChatGPT User Guide] Chapter 5 Future Prospects

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