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Google launches AI assistant Duet AI: to create presentations, compose emails, and even attend meetings

Google launches AI assistant Duet AI: to create presentations, compose emails, and even attend meetings

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Hayo News
August 30th, 2023
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Google announced today that it will launch its artificial intelligence assistant Duet AI in all Workspace applications, including Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs and more. Duet technology has been in beta for some time and more than a million people have tried the virtual assistant, the company said. Duet AI is now available to anyone who pays for Google's Workspace app.

Google unveiled Duet AI artificial intelligence at its I/O developer conference earlier this year, and officials described it as a partner that can help across all Google apps . Users can ask Duet AI to convert a Google Docs outline into a presentation in Slides, or have it create a graph from data in a spreadsheet. Duet AI can also be a creative tool where users can have it write an email response, generate an image, or check grammar. Plus, you can use it to find things in Drive, summarize documents, and more.

Duet AI is also a general term covering many application-specific functions. Using Duet AI in Google Meet means artificial intelligence-based lighting and sound adjustments and automatic meeting summaries; using Duet AI in Chat means automatic summarization of chat long texts, allowing you Don't spend too much time reading.

But all of these AI capabilities won't be cheap: Google will charge $30 per user to use Duet AI, at least for large organizations, which Google hasn't yet determined Pricing for small teams. That's the same price Microsoft charges for its Copilot artificial intelligence system, which has similar capabilities and works in most Office apps. That's a lot for a set of still very new AI tools.

The challenge with these tools is that the underlying AI models are far from perfect and, when dealing with business-critical data, the stakes are high.

If you're a Workspace user, Duet AI will appear in almost every app you use. In some places it's a separate menu that can be accessed by tapping the Duet AI icon in the upper right corner. Elsewhere, you can ask Duet AI for help directly from email or documentation.

These all-encompassing, all-purpose tools are at the heart of the future of two major office suites, both of which believe in the potential of artificial intelligence to change the way we work.

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