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X (Twitter) adjusts its privacy policy and can use information posted by users to train AI models

X (Twitter) adjusts its privacy policy and can use information posted by users to train AI models

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September 4th, 2023
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According to reports, Elon Musk's social platform X (Twitter) recently adjusted its privacy policy to allow X to use information posted by users to train its artificial intelligence (AI) model.

The new privacy policy will go into effect on September 29th . The new policy states that X may use collected platform information and publicly available information to help train X's machine learning or artificial intelligence models.

In response, Musk responded on X that X will only use public information to train its artificial intelligence model and will not use any private content .

In July of this year, Musk said in an audio live broadcast that his artificial intelligence startup xAI will use public data on the X platform to train its artificial intelligence models.

It is unclear how Musk will use the user information from the X platform and for which artificial intelligence models.

X has yet to comment.

Musk has been against other platforms using X's data to train artificial intelligence models . In April of this year, Musk even threatened to sue Microsoft, saying that Microsoft illegally used X's data to train its artificial intelligence model.

In July of this year, Musk announced the establishment of the artificial intelligence company xAI, which aims to use artificial intelligence to help understand the true nature of the universe. Prior to this, Musk had warned that artificial intelligence could destroy human civilization. And, he signed a joint letter calling for a moratorium on training AI systems stronger than OpenAI's GPT-4.

xAI is not Musk's first foray into artificial intelligence, and he was an early supporter of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, but left the company's board in 2018. Musk has said he was so central to the founding of OpenAI that he even came up with the company's name.

People familiar with the matter said Musk was particularly angry when ChatGPT debuted in November and quickly became popular. He has since been critical of AI chatbots.

The technology that powers generative AI products like ChatGPT requires massive amounts of data to train. In the past, this data has been obtained from public websites such as Reddit and Wikipedia.

Today, these companies (like Reddit and Wikipedia) want to profit from this or stop providing the data. Reddit, for example, said in April that it planned to charge artificial intelligence companies for access to its data. In addition, other websites such as The New York Times and Amazon are blocking OpenAI’s web crawlers.

Social media sites, notoriously host to endless streams of user-generated content, are a gold mine for AI companies hungry for new sources of training data.

Facebook parent company Meta, which is also developing its own generative AI models, recently introduced an option for Facebook users to opt out of sharing their data to train its AI models.

But media reports have suggested that Meta's promises are limited and that there is no guarantee that all information on users will be removed from its AI training database.

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