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The 360 ​​Brain Model is now open to the public

The 360 ​​Brain Model is now open to the public

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September 5th, 2023
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According to news on September 5, the 360 ​​Smart Brain large model will be open to the public from now on and will be fully accessible to the 360 ​​“Family Bucket”.

360 Zhi Nao will be open to the public on five major platforms. Users can download the “360 Zhi Nao” App through the 360 ​​Zhi Nao official website and major application stores.

In addition, the official also stated that users can also upgrade 360 ​​Security Guard, 360 Security Browser, and 360 Search to the latest version, and log in to experience the large model service.

Zhou Hongyi said at the press conference earlier that all software, apps, websites, and all industries are worth reshaping with large models, and smart hardware is hardware-based apps. Judging from the development trend of large models, multi-modality is the only way for the development of large models. The most important change of GPT-4 is that it has multi-modal processing capabilities. Zhou Hongyi predicted that the combination of multi-modal large models and the Internet of Things will become the next trend.

According to the official introduction, "360 Smart Brain" is a cognitive general artificial intelligence large model developed by 360. It has ten core capabilities including generation and creation, reading comprehension, and multi-round dialogue, and can cover all application scenarios of the large model , is the first large model in China to pass the "Trusted AIGC Large Model Evaluation" approved by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

We found that in the second quarter of this year, 360's revenue reached 2.537 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.42%, and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 29.08%. Among them, the "360 Smart Brain" large model has created nearly 20 million yuan in related business income for the company.

At present, Baidu Wenxinyiyan, Baichuan Intelligence under Wang Xiaochuan, SenseChat of SenseTime, Douyin Skylark large model, GLM large model of Zhipu AI, Zidong Taichu large model of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ABAB large model of Shanghai MiniMax, The large-scale models of many enterprises and institutions, such as the general-purpose large-scale models of scholars in the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, have passed the "Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services" for the record.

According to the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services" officially implemented on August 15 this year, those who provide generative artificial intelligence services with public opinion attributes or social mobilization capabilities should conduct security assessments in accordance with relevant national regulations, and in accordance with the "Internet Information "Service Algorithm Recommendation Management Regulations" performs algorithm filing and change and cancellation filing procedures.

According to incomplete statistics, at least 79 large models with a parameter scale of more than 1 billion have been released in my country. The mass release of large models is called the "hundred-model war" in the industry, but before the filing and approval, each company can only conduct a small-scale internal test, and users need to "queue" to apply for the internal test qualification.

As the large-scale models of various enterprises are approved and fully opened, users will see more and more large-scale models open for use, and these large-scale models are expected to become more and more "smart".

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