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Gurman broke the news: Apple’s iOS 18 update will be groundbreaking and may introduce generative AI technology

Gurman broke the news: Apple’s iOS 18 update will be groundbreaking and may introduce generative AI technology

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September 6th, 2023
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Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple whistleblower, wrote in the latest issue of his "Power On" newsletter that Apple internally believes that its iOS 18 system is "ambitious and compelling."

Gurman believes that Apple's next generation of software - iOS 18 and other operating systems due to be released next year - is more critical than ever. Apple's goal is that iOS 18 will introduce "major new features and designs" along with significant improvements in performance and security .

One reason why iOS system updates need to be "eye-catching" is that it is reported that there will not be any major improvements in the hardware of the iPhone 16 next year. So Apple is banking on the software getting people interested in buying new models.

Gurman evaluated the iOS 15-17 versions as "minor updates." He pointed out that iOS 18 will launch a "relatively groundbreaking update" for iPhone and iPad users, and the last major update was iOS in 2020. 14, which adds support for home screen widgets.

Apple is racing to catch up to Google and OpenAI in this year's generative AI craze, with iOS 18 poised to bring the technology to iPhones , Gurman writes.

There have been reports before that Apple is developing a series of new artificial intelligence features for iOS 18.

Last month, Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities who studies Apple's supply chain, analyzed that Apple plans to start incorporating generative artificial intelligence technology into iPhones and iPads as early as the end of 2024.

Short-term pause in development of software updates

In addition, Gurman also revealed that at the end of last month, Apple's head of software engineering Craig Federighi decided to suspend the development of Apple's next major software update for a week because the quality of the initial version was not up to standard.

What impact will a week-long pause in iOS 18 feature development have on next year's releases? Gurman believes there may not be a significant delay in the final release of the software, and that the outage will allow Apple to debug the software and improve performance.

Currently, there are still 7 months until iOS 18 will be unveiled at the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference, and a lot may change during this period.

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