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AI Weekly #15 This week’s protagonist is still OpenAI

AI Weekly #15 This week’s protagonist is still OpenAI

Hayo News
Hayo News
September 6th, 2023
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This week’s cover: The Phantom Killer Prompt words: Wearing a retro floral dress, fresh makeup, slightly curly long hair, strolling in the sea of ​​flowers, the breeze blows, and the colorful flowers compete for beauty, 50mm medium focus lens --ar 2:3 --beauty

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OpenAI Developer Conference: Give the world a little chatGPT shock

OpenAI announces more powerful GPT-4 Turbo and cuts prices

On November 7, at its first development day, OpenAI released a number of major updates, including:

  • GPT-4Turbo model: This is the next generation model of GPT-4. It is more powerful and cheaper than the previous version, and supports a 128K context window. The cost has dropped by 50%~30% compared to before, and the knowledge base has been updated to 2023. April.

  • Assistants API: helps developers build Agent-like experiences in their own applications. This API provides new functions such as Code Interpreter and Retrieval, and also supports function calls, making it easier to develop high-quality AI applications.

  • API New Model: Developers can integrate DALL・E3 into their applications via the Images API for automatic generation of images and designs, or generate human-quality speech from text via the Text-to-Speech API.

  • GPTs: A new customized version of ChatGPT, users can create their own GPT according to their needs and purposes and share it with others .

Musk’s xAI products launched twice in a row


After Elon Musk announced the establishment of X.AI company on July 21 this year, he released his first artificial intelligence product-Grok this week. Grok has "real-time access" to information from X (formerly Twitter), which gives it a huge advantage over models that "rely on old internet data." Musk believes that the biggest difference between **Grok and OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing Chat is its sense of humor. **This product will be available to X Premium+ users in the near future.

xAI also released its second large model product this week - * PromptIDE . The original purpose of this product is to accelerate the development of its chat AI robot Grok. It mainly provides three functions: an integrated development environment for prompt engineering, a Python code editor and an SDK for advanced prompt technology, and visual analysis functions.

Figma’s AI whiteboard tool “FigJam AI” opens free public testing

Figma this week released a new generative AI tool for its collaboration service FigJam, which creates ready-to-use templates for common design and planning projects.

The new generation feature provides a series of suggested prompts for creating templates for things like flowcharts, icebreakers, brainstorming sessions, and 1:1 meeting planners, along with a text box next to it where you can create templates in your own words Describe what you want it to produce.

Zero One Thousand's first open source large model - Yi series released

Kaifu Li’s AI company Zero One Thousand, valued at over US$1 billion – Suike.com

Zero One Thing , an AI 2.0 company founded by Kai-Fu Li, this week released its first open source large model - the Yi series of large models: Yi-34B and Yi-6B .

The Yi series has achieved many world firsts since its release:

  • Hugging Face ranked first in the English test list, crushing many large-size models such as Llama-2 70B and Falcon-180B with a size of 34B;

  • The only domestic large model that successfully climbed to the top of HuggingFace;

  • C-Eval ranks first in the Chinese ability rankings, surpassing all open source models in the world;

  • All eight comprehensive abilities including MMLU and BBH won;

  • It has won the title of the world's longest context window, reaching 200K, and can directly handle ultra-long text input of 400,000 Chinese characters.

Article recommendation

GPTs experience report If OpenAI's developer conference is a stone thrown against the water, when it is over, ripples are spreading in all directions. Not only does GPT go a step further in integration, eliminating the need to call it step by step, it will also become a powerful tool that everyone can develop. Even if you don’t know coding or have basic computer-related knowledge, you can easily build it.


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