[RVC AI VOICE]Retrieval-based Voice Conversion

[RVC AI VOICE]Retrieval-based Voice Conversion

AI  Learning Assistant No 1
AI Learning Assistant No 1
September 6th, 2023

This collection will teach you how to use RVC for singing audio production, allowing you to process related data faster.

Jarod Mica

Currently, I work as a Systems Test Engineer for CTDI. My main role is to support production and to test and validate software/hardware implemented into our machines. However, I take it upon myself to not only test, but look at ways to improve processes and reduce inefficiencies. I notice that I am always finding new ways to improve day by day and this not only helps my work, but my life outside of work as well.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechatronic Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and Computer Engineering from Chico State. During my years there, I met many wonderful people and worked on a variety of different projects. Not only that, I worked for the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering as a CAD II grader and for the campus's University Housing as both an event planner and Technology coordinator. Due to such a wide variety of involvement, I was able to build both my soft and hard skills to where they are at today.

Outside of school, I've been 3D printing as a hobby since 2018, making gadgets and enhancements to things that would work better with the parts I've designed. I've modified toys, bikes, household items, and numerous other things using parts that I've designed and 3D printed.

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