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The number of fans increased by 250,000 in 3 months, and AI course representatives swept the comment area of ​​Bilibili!

The number of fans increased by 250,000 in 3 months, and AI course representatives swept the comment area of ​​Bilibili!

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September 11th, 2023
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Recently, a "cyber summoning technique" appeared in the comment area of ​​Station B——

The previously summoned accounts are connected to the generative AI function, which will summarize the video content and reply in the comment area or private message .

Film and TV UP master "Muyu Shuixin"'s forward-looking science video on the movie "Oppenheimer" is 16 minutes long. There is an AI summary 3 minutes after it was released, and the key points are accurately listed according to the timeline. The comments have received more than 3,000 likes.

Food writer Wang Gang shared a teaching video of "One Chicken, Two Eats". In the comment area, in addition to homework posted by fans, several AI class representatives also left summaries. Wang Gang liked it and expressed his gratitude.

Whether it is a vlog in the living area, or a mid-to-long video in the knowledge area or technology area, AI can try to summarize it, and its answers have even been pinned to the top by many UP owners. Some netizens said that "there is no need for a waste-saving assistant anymore."

These AI accounts have emerged one after another since May this year and have attracted a lot of attention . Among them, the "AI Video Assistant" is relatively popular. Since its launch in June, it has gained more than 250,000 followers in the past three months.

But at the same time, the problem of abuse of the AI ​​summary function is prominent, and some users don’t like to see the comments that call for AI and AI-generated comments to flood the screen.

Who created the AI ​​account at Station B? Can AI really help me brush videos? The author tested various AI summary assistants and chatted with relevant people about the AIGC application of the content platform.

How to summon AI class representatives at Station B

After ChatGPT became popular this year, people saw the powerful text summary and generation capabilities of large models, and quickly commercialized this capability and applied it to all walks of life. Opening an AI account on the content platform and replying to comments through user calls is a new method that has only appeared recently.

How to summon AI class representatives at Station B? Generally, you need to follow the AI ​​account and @ the account in the video comment area, such as "@ classrepresentative cat summarizes". After waiting for a few seconds, you can see the reply comment from the message list "@me". It may take a few minutes during peak periods. or longer.

Some AI course representatives can share videos or bv numbers through private messages on the site to reply. In addition, there are corresponding website or browser plug-ins. For example, the "AI Class Representative" plug-in will display summary content on the right side of the video and support search for subtitles and questions.

In the past, human class representatives at Station B mostly appeared in practical videos with more useful information , such as the knowledge popularization videos mentioned above. AI class representatives also started from these videos to help users improve the efficiency of obtaining information.

Even the AI ​​​​can identify and position the advertisements embedded in the video. For example, an advertising video of the fashion UP master "Genius Girlfriend GG" in collaboration with Chanel finally introduced the design concept of the series of jewelry. "The class represents the cat" summed up in one sentence. It echoes the meaning of the subject’s encounter.

Another kind of summoning is for entertainment purposes . Many users find AI accounts new when they see them for the first time, so they summon them under some daily videos that are more entertaining or less information dense.

For example, UP owner "Breeder Xiao Xie" and her husband participated in the offline trial session of the game "Black Myth: Wukong". It felt like a mother sending her child to take an exam, so in the video the two joked about the compatibility of mother and child, "AI video "Little Assistant" took it seriously when summarizing, and UP called it "outrageous".

The UP host "BBBBB King, a well-known crosstalk actor" who often shares his experiences in Korea will add funny performances to his videos and constantly make jokes. Although AI can accurately summarize the theme and main points of the video, most of its fun is lost.

Based on the introductions of multiple AI course representatives, the author found that most of them use large model technologies such as GPT. After receiving user call requests, they will convert video voice or subtitle information into text and then summarize and reply.

The summary effect of the same video is also different. Some AI adopt the form of content summary and timeline key points summary, and the style is concise; some AI does not have a large summary, but a combination of segmented topics and timeline key points to summarize. More detail.

"Class Representative Cat" has 36,000 fans. Its operations manager Max told us that "Class Representative Cat" has different prompts and presentation formats for different content types. The overall output needs to be concise and accurate, with the word count controlled within 500 words. Under natural traffic, the team received hundreds of summary requests on the first day it went online in July, and the number has continued to increase. Currently, the number of questions per day is around 800 to 2,000, and the peak service period is from 7pm to 9pm.

“**Videos such as life, comedy, ghosts and animals are more popular among users.** But in fact, most of the AI ​​models for video summary are generated by calling subtitles or voices, so there are clear requirements for knowledge, cars, technology, food, etc. The content summary of opinions will be relatively accurate, and it is not suitable for summarizing videos that are relatively vague and focus on visual performance, such as dance and ghosts and animals, " Max said.

User summons AI to summarize ghost videos

Therefore, AI class representatives often explain in announcements which video partitions are applicable and which partitions will not respond. For example, the "AI Video Assistant" means that it will only summarize the contents of the knowledge/technology/life/cars/food/games/sports sections.

Controversy over AI taking over the comment section

According to observations, other platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu currently do not have accounts similar to AI class representatives. Why do AI class representatives appear in large numbers at Station B?

This is related to the different characteristics of the platform. First of all, videos carry more information than pictures and texts. Xiaohongshu’s notes are mainly short pictures and texts, which are compressed and streamlined information. However, most of Douyin and Kuaishou are short videos within 1 minute, which saves time. Streaming is not very useful. The audience has to summon the AI ​​to watch the summary instead of watching the video directly. In contrast, the large number of medium and long videos on Station B has given rise to a community culture of “class representatives”.

Max believes that AI course representatives are meaningful at Bilibili. They can simplify users’ learning costs and are embedded in the community ecology in the form of accounts. Various functions can be invoked by commenting or private message sharing, which is very convenient. There is no need to open the website, APP or plug-in installation further lowers the threshold for use.

AI can generate a summary in just a few seconds. With the help of an AI course representative, users may be able to quickly understand the gist of a 15-minute video in just 15 seconds. In terms of the efficiency of obtaining information, it is true that AI class representatives are much faster than humans. Lu Liqing, the developer of the AI ​​audio and video assistant "BiBiGPT", believes that the AI ​​era has brought a kind of freedom of learning. Whether it is a content creator or a consumer, the input and output of learning methods are multi-dimensional and can be combined with multi-modal content. conversion between.

However, AI as a tool has its own limitations.

AI summaries are compressed and blurred just like other netizens’ summaries. Everyone’s understanding and needs of key points are different. If you just read the AI ​​summary without thinking, it will be easy to forget.

At the same time, the randomness of large models can also lead to errors in the generated content, which may be due to incomplete summary or misunderstanding. Max mentioned that when developing the "Class Representative Cat", the team set up a concept called "temperature value". Lowering the parameter of the temperature value can reduce the degree of free play of the AI. When encountering content that the AI ​​cannot understand, it will directly reply that it is temporary. It cannot be summarized that technical means are used to avoid the problem of AI nonsense.

In addition to paying attention to whether AI summarization is effective, developers, users, and UP owners are currently facing a bigger problem - the abuse of AI .

**According to Bilibili’s confirmation, these AI class representatives are not officially launched by Bilibili, but are instead accessed by third-party developers to access AI functions on their own. **Then developers have the responsibility to ensure the quality of AI-generated content and the interactive methods will not damage the community ecology.

For example, in terms of content security, developers need to effectively filter and avoid sensitive information. A virtual UP host once went online to test the video comment function. Because the comment video was too offensive, it has been actively suspended. AI class representatives can have their own personality, have their own summary style, and create account characteristics, but the prerequisite is that they meet the platform requirements. To avoid disputes, the existing AI class representatives basically only summarize the videos and do not make subjective comments.

From a user perspective, rational use of AI functions is necessary. Some repeatedly summon AI class representatives under a video, and some clearly write the song title in the title, but also summon AI to summarize the content and listen to the song to identify the music. These are all abuses of AI, which not only occupy the quota generated by AI, The comment area is also filled with "Tu Yile" AI content, which can easily cause resentment to others.

Previously, UP's main "Robot Tool Man" supported the function of listening to songs and identifying songs, with a number of fans of 550,000. Although he did not use GPT technology, he also encountered similar abuse situations. For this reason, he developed an anti-abuse mechanism to deal with repeated abuses. users will have their calling permission removed.

Picture source "Robot Tool Man"

Max means "class representative cat" and sets a limited number of calls per user per day. In fact, most people may use it two or three times a day, and a few intensive users will use it more frequently. In the future, it will be gradually released when the cost is controllable. Restrictions will be opened, but users will still be regulated and guided to use this account reasonably.

The AI ​​class representative is a function for C-end users, so what does the UP owner think of it as a video creator?

Based on Max's survey and the feedback we observed from UP principals, UP principals who have class representatives to summarize their needs are more open-minded. In particular, UP principals in the knowledge and technology area will feel that AI class representatives have simplified their work.

As for the UP hosts who do not welcome AI class representatives, their content types often overlap with the inappropriate AI summaries mentioned above. For example, a drama UP owner expressed concern about AI spoilers. If a video carefully produced by the UP owner is condensed into a paragraph, and the audience will leave the comment after reading it, this may not be conducive to data such as playback volume and completion rate. The video wants to express A lot of detail will also be missed.

What AI capabilities do content platforms need?

The application of AIGC in content platforms is in the early exploratory stage. There are numerous tool-based AI products, most of which aim to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, not many can be combined with the platform to develop new interaction models.

At the August financial report meeting, Bilibili CEO Chen Rui said that Bilibili has begun to use AIGC technology to improve user experience and business capabilities. For example, in content security review, large language models can replace the large amount of manpower investment in the past, to a great extent. Improve the efficiency of auditing. Chen Rui said that the company attaches great importance to AIGC internally. "This is a major opportunity for content platforms like Bilibili. If we can effectively use this technology, it can greatly improve the experience of users and UP owners, and improve the efficiency of business transformation."

Specifically, AIGC's empowerment of Bilibili mainly includes three aspects: First, the optimization of the search experience, undertaking more complex search requests, and helping users quickly extract key information. The second is to improve the productivity of creators and use AIGC tools to create higher-quality content. The third is to optimize the virtual UP main image of station B to make it more automated and humane.

The first point is AI search. Station B has started internal testing in July. Search for questions in the search box or enter "?" to experience the new function. AI will generate a text answer and attach relevant reference videos.

Comparison of results before and after upgrading AI search assistant

After testing, you can ask the AI ​​search assistant to summarize the video content by copying the bv number. However, some videos cannot be generated because they may involve sensitive words or not contain audio and vocal information.

Overseas content platforms have also launched similar functions and products. Last month, Google began testing the use of AI to automatically generate video summaries on its video platform YouTube, which are displayed next to a small number of English videos and can only be seen by a small number of users. According to Google spokesperson Jen Jamie, these summaries are designed to provide users with a brief overview of the video content without replacing the author's original description to help users decide whether to watch the video.

When the platform officially accelerates its embrace of AIGC, will small and medium-sized entrepreneurs still have a chance?

The open ecosystem of large models forces entrepreneurs to think about barriers to competition. Max said that "Class Representative Cat" is the first AI product developed by the team, hoping to help users in need and gain popularity, because it has done it earlier in the same track and has the advantage of being ahead of the curve compared to other accounts or platform officials. Secondly, it depends on whether the summary effect can impress users. He believes that "Class Representative Cat" can really save time; and with the continuous iteration of new functions, they may add AI-generated mind maps and in-depth conversation functions in the future. And launch a payment model.

It is relatively cautious for content platforms to promote these AI functions. Small teams and developers have the opportunity to take the lead. As Max said, they can make different AI products based on the content ecological characteristics and user pain points of different platforms. Not only AI class representatives This form.

If AI is a magic seed, I think it will eventually grow new branches from the original content ecology, thereby changing the entire landscape.

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