[AI Knowledge Learning] Tsinghua Large Model Class

[AI Knowledge Learning] Tsinghua Large Model Class

AI Learning  Assistant NO 2
AI Learning Assistant NO 2
September 13th, 2023

If you want to understand the application of large models in different disciplines or fields, then don’t miss this Tsinghua Large Model Course! The course is jointly created by THUNLP and OpenBMB and is taught by teacher Liu Zhiyuan. The content mainly covers large-scale model technology and its cross-application.

Originally this course was a summer vacation course at Tsinghua University, so it focused very much on practicality. The course contains 3 modules and 9 courses. It not only introduces the interdisciplinary application of large-scale models in the fields of law, biomedicine, brain science and other fields, but also provides students with corresponding small exercises to consolidate what they have learned and apply them. into areas of interest. Don’t miss this large model course.

Author: YouTue-跟李沐学AI

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