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Taobao Question Internal Beta: AI realizes wider application scenarios than e-commerce

Taobao Question Internal Beta: AI realizes wider application scenarios than e-commerce

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September 14th, 2023
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According to people familiar with the matter, the large-model native AI application "Taobao Question" is undergoing internal testing.

Judging from the disclosed information, Taobao Wenqi has brought stronger interactive forms, more efficient e-commerce experience and more application scenarios.

First of all, the biggest upgrade point of Taobao Asking is interaction. The question and answer function enables "AI dialogue" communication with consumers, providing the ability to use a wider range of application scenarios. The command function is based on AI to supplement "search terms" to help consumers describe their needs more accurately and make accurate product recommendations.

▲Questions from internal beta users/Photo source Taobao

Secondly, Taobao Wenvoi, which is native to large models, has a higher e-commerce conversion rate. According to consumers who participated in the internal testing, Taobao Asking can not only provide text and video content including product advantages, usage scenario descriptions, etc. At the same time, large model training allows Taobao to better understand consumers’ natural language, and can gradually help consumers clarify their vague and complex e-commerce shopping needs. Compared with existing e-commerce search recommendations, Taobao Asking has significantly improved users’ purchasing intentions.

▲Comparison of existing search modes and Taobao QQ/Image source Taobao

Finally, Taobao Wenqi has more consumer application scenarios. For example, when consumers ask questions about travel, Taobao QQ can provide one stop across categories and fields such as itinerary suggestions (content consumption), travel equipment (commodity consumption), destination hotels, tickets, travel transportation (travel consumption), etc. formula plan.

Relevant people told reporters, "This is equivalent to installing AI on Taobao App, and the application scenarios will be far more than e-commerce." According to the current internal test data feedback, Taobao Wenqi has great advantages in daily consumption, information search, creative content generation, etc. , already has a good experience and user satisfaction.

▲Test pictures/picture source provided by internal beta users on Taobao

Previously, the newly established Taobao Tmall Group stated that it planned to realize the comprehensive intelligence of merchant operation tools in the next five years to create new user products and services in the AI ​​era. In the following months, the Taobao AI Ecological Partner Program and Taobao Wenqun were launched one after another. According to reports, Taobao will also launch a series of merchant-side AI tools in the future, and Taobao will become the largest application position of generative AI in the future.

Successful AI applications require both users and application scenarios. Taobao, which has accumulated rich application scenarios, provides a large enough place for generative AI to be used. Industry insiders believe that the deep integration of Taobao and AIGC will undoubtedly expand the space for business imagination. Although Taobao Ask is still in the internal testing stage, with the rapid iteration of algorithms and technology, Taobao Ask will soon be fully promoted, and by then AIGC will fully penetrate into the daily lives of 1 billion consumers.

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