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The UK announces AI regulatory principles: developers must be responsible for output content

The UK announces AI regulatory principles: developers must be responsible for output content

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September 19th, 2023
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According to reports, the UK’s antitrust regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), today proposed new standards for managing AI models, covering matters such as accountability, access and transparency, to promote the healthy development of this technology.

As early as May this year, the British CMA began to study the impact of generative artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT to ensure that this technology is used to benefit businesses and consumers.

CMA chief executive Sarah Cardell said today that the technology has real potential to boost productivity and make everyday tasks easier for millions of people. But this does not mean that the consequences of this technology are necessarily positive.

"That's why today we are proposing these new principles and launching a broad engagement program to help ensure that AI models are developed and utilized in a manner that promotes competition and protects consumers," Cardell said.

The regulatory principles announced by the CMA include seven aspects, namely accountability, access, diversity, choice, flexibility, fair dealing and transparency. In terms of accountability, developers and deployers are required to be responsible for the output content; in terms of access, it is required not to impose unnecessary restrictions; in terms of choice, enterprises must be provided with sufficient choices so that they can decide how to use AI models; in terms of fair trading, Requirements not to engage in anti-competitive behavior.

Over the coming months, the CMA will embark on a significant engagement program with a wide range of UK and international stakeholders to further develop these principles and jointly support the positive development of AI in these key markets to promote effective competition and Consumer protection benefits people, businesses and the economy.

Currently, the British government is hoping to become a leader in the global artificial intelligence industry and regulation, and plans to host the world's first artificial intelligence summit in November this year. In an effort to attract artificial intelligence companies and technology to the UK as quickly as possible, the UK government has also proposed a new copyright law exemption that would allow text and data mining for any purpose.

If the proposal is passed, copyrighted artistic and cultural content could easily be reduced to training materials for generative artificial intelligence. To this end, a group of British MPs called last month for the government to implement clearer and stricter rules on artificial intelligence systems to prevent some copyrighted content from being illegally exploited.

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