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Uber Eats to roll out AI features, more payment options

Uber Eats to roll out AI features, more payment options

Hayo News
Hayo News
September 21st, 2023

(Reuters) - Uber Technologies will accept more payment options on its food delivery platform and roll out an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant to help users find deals and explore different food options, the company said on Wednesday.

Uber Eats will get a dedicated section to showcase promotional offers called "Sales Aisle". The new features are set to roll out this year or in 2024.

Food delivery platforms have been investing in AI as they attempt to offer a more curated service and make their apps more convenient.

Rival Instacart in May launched "Ask Instacart", an AI-powered search tool designed to assist with customers' grocery shopping questions, in partnership with AI chatbot ChatGPT's creator OpenAI.

DoorDash, too, is working on an AI chatbot called "DashAI" to speed up food ordering, Bloomberg News reported in July.

Uber said it has also tied up with federal healthcare programs such as Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage, and would begin accepting relevant waiver payments on both Uber and Uber Eats in 2024.

The company will also offer recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides cash benefits for food items, the ability to use their waivers to buy groceries on Uber Eats in 2024.

The move underscores an industry-wide push to target low-income households and gain market share in an increasingly competitive environment.

DoorDash and Instacart already allow consumers to use SNAP waivers on their platforms.

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