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Win11 officially becomes the "AI operating system": supported by Copilot assistant, you can change the background with one click when drawing and taking screenshots

Win11 officially becomes the "AI operating system": supported by Copilot assistant, you can change the background with one click when drawing and taking screenshots

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Hayo News
September 27th, 2023
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Windows 11 has received a major update and has become an “AI operating system” !

Not only does it add AI to the old drawing tool with a long history, it also turns Copilot into an AI assistant for the computer system.

Yes, it's the Copilot on New Bing, which has now been added to the entire operating system by Microsoft, replacing the voice assistant Cortana, but it is much more powerful than Cortana.

In addition, screenshot tools and video tools also use AI versions, and AI is even planned to be built into the file explorer to "help you find files," just like Google does with cloud documents.

Musk rushed to Nadella’s Twitter to watch:

The AI ​​era is quickly becoming a mass reality.

Some Apple users are already envious: Can Win11 be installed on Mac?

Let’s take a look at what the Windows 11 update features.

AI penetrates into various Win11 applications

This update about AI is mainly in the Copilot assistant, screenshots, drawing and video editing tools.

System Level Copilot

Let’s first take a look at Copilot, the highlight of this Windows 11 update.

As an AI assistant, any ability you can imagine it has can be realized directly on your computer.

All the settings and operations that you don't understand on Windows computers can now be opened by using the "WIN+C" keys and let Copilot help you implement them.

For example, you originally had to turn on the appearance color of the system settings to change it, but now you can just say "turn on dark mode":

Organizing the desktop no longer requires manual drag and drop, and the command Copilot can also be quickly implemented:

The same is true of the document summary function , which is now also integrated into the system's Copilot.

Whether you are reading an e-book or browsing the web, you can quickly let it summarize for you with one click:

It can also help you write articles anytime and anywhere, transforming into an AI document assistant in minutes to break through the "writing bottleneck":

Not only text mode, but also image editing can be done by Copilot for you. For example, the most desired "portrait cutout" function can be completed with one click by Copilot:

Of course, in addition to Copilot, some old apps with "long history" have also been revolutionized by AI.

For example, text extraction that was previously built into apps such as QQ can now be directly selected and extracted by taking a screenshot.

Different text will be split into various clipboards, just copy the desired paragraph:

Of course, if there are parts involving privacy, you can also directly ask AI to help "mosaic" them without displaying relevant information:

Drawing & Video Editing

The most eye-catching thing should be the drawing tools.

Since the release of PS, the drawing tools of Windows systems have been used less and less, but now Microsoft also plans to add the "AI generation function" in PS to its own drawing tools.

This new tool is called Paint Cocreator. For example, to change the background of an image, now you only need to enter text prompts and move your fingers to change the image to an AI-generated background effect.

In addition, Microsoft Clipchamp is also new for video editing. Just tell the AI ​​a few words about what video you want to make, and it will quickly help you recommend the scene you need.

In addition, after editing, you can quickly save it to the cloud, or send it to Instagram, YouTube or other APPs with one click.

In addition, Windows 11 also plans to build AI into the file manager to quickly help you find the files you want.

This way you don't have to worry about not being able to find the files you want from the old folders.

In addition, AI search for photos has become more convenient.

If you can't remember the photo date or file name, you can now find the photo you want with a vague description.

For example, a target object such as "Gouzi", a place name such as "Qingdao, Shandong", or a time such as "last year".

However, according to Microsoft, tools such as drawing, searching photos, and taking screenshots are still in small-scale testing , and it is expected to be weeks or even months before they are fully open.

But for now, Copilot should be usable.

You can update directly or wait until November

Of course, in addition to the above new AI-related features, Windows 11 also has some other feature updates this time.

For example, in terms of passwords, Windows 11 changes passwords to keys, allowing you to log in with your face, fingerprint, or PIN. According to Microsoft, "it will be more secure and harder for hackers to steal."

As for remote working, Microsoft also provides a seamless switching function between cloud computers and computers, making it more convenient to do (touch) work (fish) at home.

There are also some other functions that you can slowly experience when updating.

If you want to update to the latest version of Windows 11 immediately, you can turn on "Get the latest updates as soon as they are available" in the update settings.

If you are not in a hurry, or want to wait for other features to be released before experiencing it slowly, you can wait until around November when a major version of Windows 11 will be updated.

Some netizens have already downloaded and played it:

Another feature that netizens like very much is that the updated Windows 11 restores calendar events to the taskbar:

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