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Arc Browser releases AI function, completely free!

Arc Browser releases AI function, completely free!

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Hayo News
October 4th, 2023
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Arc Browser finally released their AI capabilities tonight, and it's completely free. This is a function that truly deeply integrates AI with the browser. It is 10,000 times more powerful than Bing’s simple and crude method of adding a chat page. Many AI browser plug-ins may be eliminated.

You can now talk to Chat GPT directly in the Arc browser. The browser can automatically summarize the page content for you. This service is called Arx MAX. The following are the detailed capabilities and usage.

Ask about page content

Press and hold the Command + F keys to ask a question about the content of the page on any page, and ARC will answer it. At the same time, the answer will bring the corresponding original text content to avoid AI illusion problems. You can click on the link to jump to the corresponding position of the original text.

ChatGPT search box

After entering ChatGPT in the search box and pressing the Tab key, you can directly ask ChatGPT questions, and the answers will be displayed in the pop-up window of the browser search box. You no longer need to enter the URL and click New to open a bunch of pages.

Web page preview

Just move the mouse to the corresponding link and hold down the Shift key, and an information summary floating layer of the corresponding link will pop up. You don't need to click on the link to see the content inside.

Tag rename

A common problem with the browser tab bar is that after opening too many tabs on the same website, we can only see that the titles of all the tabs are the same, and the important information at the back and in the middle is truncated. Now ARC will The title of the corresponding web page is automatically renamed into short and important content.

Download file rename

It is not only the tag title that needs to be renamed, but also the name of the downloaded file. The downloaded file name is often the ID of the file on the corresponding website. If there are more, it will not be found at all. Now ARC will rename the file name with the source and content.

Usage restrictions

Currently, these AI capabilities are only open to US IPs. At the same time, the issue of their Open AI API quota is a bit unstable, but the people from Open AI have contacted them to solve it.

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