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Meta launches $500,000 Llama impact grant program

Meta launches $500,000 Llama impact grant program

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Hayo News
October 7th, 2023
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Meta Corporation has announced a new initiative to harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive positive change. The company will provide $500,000 in grants to projects using its open-source Llama 2 artificial intelligence system to address grand challenges in education, the environment and social innovation.

Since its launch in July, Llama 2 has received an overwhelming response from the global developer community, with hundreds of thousands of download requests. The Llama Impact Grants program aims to discover and support compelling applications of Llama 2 that deliver social benefit on a global scale.

"Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence demonstrate the potential for AI to help people accomplish incredible things and provide individuals with new ways to express themselves," a Meta spokesperson said. "We hope to expand this opportunity through the Llama Impact Grants program."

Grants are divided into three categories, each targeting projects with the potential to have a significant impact:

Education - Projects aimed at delivering more equitable educational outcomes globally through personalized learning tools, teaching assistants, and other applications. Environment - Leveraging AI for environmentally sustainable solutions, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to urban resilience planning. Open Innovation - Innovative applications of Llama 2 focused on accelerating research, improving healthcare, increasing access to justice and more. The launch of these grants marks an important milestone in democratizing artificial intelligence and unlocking the potential of corporate labs.

"The plan recognizes that global challenges are complex and nuanced," the spokesperson said. "Llama2 can be a powerful tool for change, but it requires human creativity and domain expertise to guide it toward goals that benefit society."

Grants are open to global organizations focused on enabling underrepresented communities to benefit from artificial intelligence. By helping researchers, nonprofits, and others leverage models like Llama 2, Meta aims to drive innovation that solves real-world problems.

While AI holds great promise, realizing this potential requires care. Llama Impact Grants embody the mindset and values ​​needed to develop artificial intelligence responsibly. The program puts technology into the hands of those committed to a good cause—a small, but significant step toward an altruistic AI future.

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