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Millions of netizens gathered to watch DALL-E 3’s new gameplay! Iron Man and Tesla are all "scammed", obsessive-compulsive disorder friendly, bloggers share tips

Millions of netizens gathered to watch DALL-E 3’s new gameplay! Iron Man and Tesla are all "scammed", obsessive-compulsive disorder friendly, bloggers share tips

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Hayo News
October 9th, 2023
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DALL-E 3 is going crazy among netizens!

Have you ever seen Iron Man and Batman like this? The body parts were cut into pieces and neatly laid out on the table.

Although, it looks really comfortable .

This kind of gameplay has become popular recently, and two related blog posts have attracted nearly a million netizens.

It feels like there is no need for photography anymore, all kinds of “products” are at your fingertips with DALL-E 3.

For example, the Tesla product series, which are difficult to photograph normally, can also be handled directly.

Even some fanciful ones. Like, a recipe for hippopotamus? ? ?

Of course, there are also some serious and practical images that can adapt to the feelings of various bloggers~

For example, in the gourmet section, grilled chicken, sushi, steak, bread... the main theme is rich and diverse, and the next second it will show off!

Plant bloggers, DIY bloggers, reading bloggers, and even divination bloggers can easily adapt!

The latest ins style gameplay

This style is called knolling, which focuses on neat placement . It is also an expression of many product photography.

It doesn't require any superb photography skills, it focuses on comfort.

As a result, with DALL-E 3, ordinary objects are no longer a problem~

For example, make workers N-piece sets.

The daily standard for brain scientists.

Not just objects, but people too~

For example, various professional styles, astronauts, athletes, musicians, etc.

Some attentive netizens have discovered that if the prompt words such as "whole body", "lying down", and "movie" are added, the effect will be completely different.

Some images look fake or childish, so add "movie".

However, some netizens said that these are all leftovers from Midjourney.

Serve with ChatGPT

In addition to praising "DALL-E 3 as a source of inspiration for product photography", the blogger also shared his own tips:

Knolling product photo of a [main object] surrounded by [secondary objects], arranged on a clean background.

Knolling-style product photo with "secondary objects" surrounding a "primary object" placed on a clean background.

Beyond that, here are some additional tips.

1. The main object is the item that you want to focus on.

1. The main object is the object you want to focus on.

2. The secondary objects are usually smaller, and related to the main object.

2. Secondary objects are usually smaller and related to the primary object.

3. Use ChatGPT to give suggestions for the secondary objects.

3. Use ChatGPT to provide suggestions for secondary objects.

To achieve the best results, you need to tell ChatGPT your main object, and then let it do the following things:

  • Select 4-5 secondary objects

  • Choose visually appealing objects

  • Sort by importance

Okay, that’s all help here (manual dog head).

Finally, I’ll share two cute stories about cats and dogs~

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