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Israel’s Booming AI and Tech Sector Battles Disruptions Amid Escalating War

Israel’s Booming AI and Tech Sector Battles Disruptions Amid Escalating War

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Hayo News
October 10th, 2023

Israel’s escalating war has disrupted normal business operations in its tech and AI sectors, with businesses shutting doors.

Tech companies operating in Israel are gearing up to bolster their security measures amidst escalating tensions, according to a report by Reuters. Following a series of deadly attacks by Hamas militants from Gaza, concerns are mounting within the Israeli tech industry.

For decades, Israel’s high-tech sector has been a driving force behind the nation’s economic growth, responsible for 14% of employment and nearly a fifth of the gross domestic product. However, recent events have raised serious concerns about its stability.On Sunday, Israeli stock and bond prices experienced a significant decline, while numerous businesses shuttered their doors.

The turmoil began after Hamas militants launched a surprise attack. The escalating conflict has disrupted normal business operations, and there are fears that resources, including staff from tech companies, may be diverted if the situation escalates further, with employees being called up as military reservists.

Many well-known tech investors describe the current situation as “a huge disruption to business as usual”, while others anticipate an “tremendous effort”, required to safeguard physical installations of companies based in Israel from potential attacks, especially since some technology spending is linked to the military.

Intel Corp, Israel’s largest private employer and exporter, has reportedly been closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to support its workers. However, it remains uncertain whether chip production has been impacted. Nvidia has canceled an AI summit scheduled for Tel Aviv next week, where CEO Jensen Huang was slated to speak. However, Tower Semiconductor — an Israel-based company providing analog and mixed-signal semiconductors primarily for the automotive and consumer industries, has reported normal operations.

A Thriving AI and Tech Ecosystem Under Threat Israel’s technology sector recently been experiencing a slowdown in 2023, exacerbated by internal political conflict and protests. Consequently, an increasing number of Israeli tech startups have been incorporating in the United States. Currently, 500 multinational companies operate in Israel, primarily in research and development capacities, having acquired Israeli startups, including Intel, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Meta.

In June, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Intel’s plans to invest $25 billion in a new factory in Kiryat Gat, located 42 km (26 miles) from Gaza, set to open in 2027. This investment is considered the largest-ever international commitment to the country, with the potential to create thousands of jobs and expand Israel’s chip manufacturing capabilities.

The tech and AI sector is where Israel has excelled. But companies are now anticipating a increased investment due to its close ties to military spending. Despite the current challenges, Israel’s tech sector has demonstrated resilience in the face of previous conflicts with Hamas in Gaza, and investors still believe that the Israeli tech sector “has historically bounced back from geopolitical tragedies.”

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