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Baidu Map App: AI guide function launched, built based on Wenxin large model

Baidu Map App: AI guide function launched, built based on Wenxin large model

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October 17th, 2023
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Baidu Map App launched version 19.0.0 today, which is officially called a "new generation of artificial intelligence map". It can provide users with travel-related services such as intelligent route planning and navigation, location inquiry, and intelligent tourism. It supports global voice interaction and AR real-time navigation. Wait for a new interactive mode.

▲ Picture source Baidu map, the same below

New version features:

  • AI guide is online for “real person communication” experience;

  • ‎Urban lane-level navigation 3.0 provides safe and efficient guidance throughout the entire process;

  • ‎Full real-time bus coverage, with an estimated on-time rate of 99%.

After users upgrade the Baidu Map App to version 19.0.0, they can see the entrance with the word "V19" on the homepage, and after entering, they can apply to experience the AI ​​wizard function. According to the official introduction, this function only requires five pictures and ten sentences to generate a user-specific guide , and a customized voice package is provided free of charge for a limited time.

Baidu World Conference 2023 was held today in Beijing Shougang Park. In the previous warm-up, Baidu Vice President Shang Guobin revealed to the Shanghai Securities News: Baidu will soon launch a new AI native map, which is Baidu Map V19, fully applying the Wenxin large model to Map's product interaction is restructured.

He said that the new version of the AI ​​map is reconstructed based on the Wenxin large model , bringing a new "AI wizard" function, with multiple rounds of natural language interaction capabilities. Users can awaken various functions and services buried in the map in one step through natural language dialogue. .


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