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The New Midjourney Website Launched in Beta!

The New Midjourney Website Launched in Beta!

Hayo News
Hayo News
October 24th, 2023

The new Midjourney website just launched in beta!

I got to check out some of the shiny new features which are pretty neat. But it's still missing a few key things.

You can access at : https://beta.midjourney.com


Creating images is not available yet. However, Imagine text box is visible with (Coming Soon) message. So, its likely to be available soon.

Copying Prompts

Now, we can see the "Copy Prompt" button on hover, making it easier to copy with one click. Earlier, we had to open the image to copy the prompt.

Searching for similar images

Now when you hover over a pic, a "search image" button pops up. Makes it super easy to find similar images with just a click!

My Images

Checking out my images is way smoother now. Before, I had to click each time to load a pic. Now they just load up easy as I scroll. Makes browsing a breeze!

Downloading and Unpublishing images

  • You can download all the pics from any single day as usual using daily "Download" buttons.

  • But the "Unpublish images" option doesn't seem to be working on my end. I tried using it to unpublish some pics but no luck so far.

Image Grids

The new image grids blend together kinda like the upscales. Makes it tougher to spot separate images.

I liked it better before, when the grid showed 4 clear separate pics. Now, It gets confusing trying to figure out where one image ends and the next begins.

Searching Prompts

New prompt search is really cool for finding images! I could filter down to pics based on words in prompts.

But I ran into a couple hiccups:

  • When I searched "trees", it only showed some of my tree pics.

  • Trying to search two words didn't seem to work

Image Selection and Download

I'm not seeing the old image selection and archive options anywhere in the new version. Those were super handy for managing images!

Feels like a big step backwards to have those features totally missing now.

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