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Generate advertising images with one click, Amazon launches "seller-specific" AI tool Amazon Ad

Generate advertising images with one click, Amazon launches "seller-specific" AI tool Amazon Ad

Hayo News
Hayo News
October 27th, 2023
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Amazon issued a press release yesterday announcing a generative AI tool for product sellers, claiming that sellers can use the tool to add AI-generated backgrounds to their products .

Citing a survey it conducted in March this year, Amazon claimed that 75% of advertisers who "failed in marketing" did so because the ad content was substandard. Amazon used two toaster ad images for comparison. The toaster image with a "kitchen background" had a 40% higher click-through rate than the "toaster ad image with a blank background."

Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of Amazon Ads, said that producing engaging and differentiated advertising creatives will increase costs and require advertisers to have experience with image design software. Therefore, Amazon launched its own Amazon Ad AI tool to make it easier for sellers to create advertising images.

After inquiries, the author learned that as long as sellers select the product body and then click Generate in the Amazon Ad console, the AI ​​tool will generate a set of "lifestyle" images and can input text prompts to Adjust image content.

It is reported that this AI tool is currently in the testing phase and is currently only available for trial use by specific users, but Amazon said it will expand the scope of testing in the future.

In addition to image generation, Amazon also launched a text generation service for sellers on the platform in September this year. Sellers only need to enter a few words or sentences to describe the product, and the system will automatically generate "high-quality product description text" for sellers. edit.

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