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The king GPT-4 is here, 32k context! The latest news from OpenAI’s first developer conference is that the new UI can be customized with GPT, and xAI large models are widely available

The king GPT-4 is here, 32k context! The latest news from OpenAI’s first developer conference is that the new UI can be customized with GPT, and xAI large models are widely available

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November 6th, 2023
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Before the opening of OpenAI's first developer conference, various news about ChatGPT have been released. The new UI interface and everyone can customize GPT will lead to the birth of a new profession of "intelligent engineer". On the other side, Musk’s own xAI large model has also started large-scale internal testing.

The countdown to OpenAI’s first developer conference has begun!

Remember that on Monday, OpenAI quietly unlocked two major capabilities of ChatGPT: one is to upload PDF, data documents and other files, and the other is to use all tools without conversion.

No, on the OpenAI developer forum, some netizens have discovered that "GPT-4 (ALL Tools)" has started grayscale testing. And the ChatGPT interface has also undergone different changes.

To put it simply, it is to bring together several individually selected functions of ChatGPT Plus, allowing it to be connected to the Internet at the same time, call the code interpreter, DALL-E 3, and use various plug-ins.

On the other hand, xAI, supported by Boss Ma’s traffic, has launched its first AI assistant—“Grok” and has begun small-scale testing.

X Netizens have posted their “first experiences with Grok”.

A netizen posted that he had the opportunity to experience Grok through X Premier + and asked a question about the most popular accounts on X. The result was that Grok could respond in real time based on the data on X.

32k context, king GPT-4 (All Tools)

It is worth mentioning that GPT-4 (ALL Tools) is equipped with a 32k context window.

But if we use DALL·E 3, browser and other tools alone, there are only 8k context windows.

Specific information can be seen from the code diagram:

Netizens who have already opened the permissions have started trial play.

Wang Shuyi, associate professor at Tianjin Normal University, said that after GPT-4 (All Tools) opens up various modes, it is very suitable to be used as a teaching assistant. You can let it recognize the slides to help you explain, and it can also immediately write you program code examples.

Others said that there are no restrictions on using the GPT-4 function.

Drawing with pictures is no longer a dream.

Some netizens gave a direct tip: Find the latest population data for the most populous country, display the value on a board held by people wearing national costumes in that country, and list the source.

ChatGPT then identified India through "web browsing" and a population of 1,425,775,850. However, it took a few attempts for the DALL·E 3 to (almost) display the letters on the image.

Here's another example:

Brand new UI, customizable GPT

As above, what we see is part of the capabilities of ChatGPT that are about to be updated.

Before the OpenAI Developer Conference has even started, various news has revealed that ChatGPT will receive a major update, and even the API for developers will be more favorable.

Specifically include:

Brand new UI interface - new ChatGPT prototype Gizmo V8, knowledge deadline is April 2023.

Custom chatbot

First, OpenAI will release the Gizmo tool specifically for creating, managing, and selecting custom chatbots, featuring:

  • Sandbox testing: Provides an environment to import, test and modify existing chatbots

  • Custom Actions: Define additional functionality for your chatbot using the OpenAPI specification

  • Knowledge file addition: Add other files that the chatbot can refer to

  • Basic tools: Provides basic tools for browsing web pages, creating pictures, etc.

  • Data Analysis: View and analyze chatbot usage data

  • Draft Saving: Save and share drafts for chatbots you create

  • Publish: Publish the completed chatbot

  • Sharing: Set up and manage chatbot sharing

  • Marketplace: Browse and share chatbots created by other users

"Magic Creator" or "Magic Maker"

Users will be assisted to define chatbots through interactive interfaces, identify user intentions, test them in real time, and modify chatbot behavior iteratively through dialogue.

  • Define chatbots through interactive interfaces

  • Identify user intent and create chatbots

  • Test your created chatbot in real time

  • Modify chatbot behavior through iterative conversations

  • Share and deploy chatbots

More detailed information is shown below:

There's also ChatGPT, the ultimate toolbox.

Workspace and Teams plans offer new enterprise subscription and workspace management features

Team plans are available for $30 per month, and annual subscriptions are $25 per month, but require a minimum of 3 users.

The lowest monthly fee is $90, which provides additional benefits such as unlimited fast GPT-4 access, longer context, and unlimited use of advanced data analysis models.

The workspace feature provides separation between personal and workspaces and allows definition of roles, departments or other metadata, and is expected to enable integration with external ERP and CRM systems.

ChatGPT "Context Connector"

Google Drive and Microsoft 365 can be linked, allowing files, tables, or presentations to be attached to chats or used as context for conversations.

Nvidia senior scientist Jim Fan said, I want to attend the OpenAI Developer Day! If the leak is true, this will be a pivotal moment for the consumer AI market:

OpenAI is becoming a mature UGC platform where users can create and share any AI Agents. It will include RPA, role AI, plug-in storage and other functions. The market will sell BEHAVIOR, not software extensions like Wolfram Alpha.

There will be tools to help any user quickly build and test agents in a sandbox with access to plugins, browsers, local files, and remote files (via the GDrive/Microsoft connector).

The bot's behavior is not programmed through an SDK, but through simple iterative chats. I find this particularly interesting because it lowers the bar significantly.

Instead of coding or writing system prompts, you ask and refine what you want through dialogue. I imagine the agent can also ask follow-up and clarifying questions because it is being "trained in context". It's consistent with DALLE·3's intuitive interface, similar to how we as humans onboard new employees.

Everything seems to be one step closer to Karpath's vision of "GPT as a new operating system." If the market and revenue sharing model really takes off, "Agent Devs" will be a new profession, just like "iOS Devs."

There are also celebrities who believe that if the leaks of OpenAI's new features are true, "Agents developer" will become a new position after iOS development.

25k context, Grok more closed beta

According to the revelations and summary of a big V on X, Grok so far:

  • The size of the context window that supports SuperPrompt is approximately 25k tokens

  • Response time will be very fast

  • Distinctive personality, funny and witty, far away from boring "political correctness"

  • The current data source for fine-tuning is the 886.03 GB version of "The Pile" database, as well as the massive data of the entire X platform

  • API functionality will definitely be rolled out.

  • Support voice input prompt words and output replies

  • Multi-modal modes such as image generation, image recognition, and speech recognition will definitely be supported in the future, and the current model already has some related capabilities.

  • The lightweight version of Grok can be deployed and run locally on Tesla.

  • After this netizen was qualified to experience it, he first had a scolding battle with Grok. The result was that Grok won a big victory. Boss Ma personally replied: I cried with laughter.

    Among the mainstream LLM services currently available, only this one seems to be able to meet this demand.

    Most netizens who eat melons are quite optimistic about the AI ​​assistant that Boss Ma claims can "explore the truth of the world." Although no one has used it, a quarter of netizens already believe that it will become the most popular AI assistant in half a year. The leading big prediction model.

    It seems that netizens still have a "mysterious Thaksin" feeling about xAI. Although most netizens are currently unable to experience "Grok", many netizens are already looking forward to it.

    A CEO of a start-up company said that as far as the name is concerned, it has already surpassed all current LLMs. The "epiphany" represented by Grok is very tasteful.

    Netizens who have been annoyed by the political correctness of big models seem to be looking forward to getting an AI assistant with strong performance and less rigid personality.

    So, what's the cost?

    Boss Ma also officially announced the early access method to Grok - subscribing to "𝕏 Premium Plus" for only $16 per month. However, it is still in the grayscale testing stage, and it will not be fully available to subscribed users until the test is completed.

    Musk announced that xAI's Grok artificial intelligence assistant will be included directly in 𝕏 Premium Plus, adding that existing X users can subscribe for $16 per month.

    However, many netizens also expressed their incomprehension about Boss Ma's back-and-forth on fees.

    Many users who spent money to buy the small blue label certification still did not get an advance preview of the new features and asked for an explanation.





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