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ChatGPT’s new function GPTs is online, a Chinese inventory of hundreds of GPTs

ChatGPT’s new function GPTs is online, a Chinese inventory of hundreds of GPTs

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Hayo News
November 8th, 2023
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At yesterday's OpenAI DevDay, OpenAI released "Custom Versions of ChatGPT", which is a custom ChatGPT product named GPTs.

GPTs do not require you to have programming skills. Anyone can customize ChatGPT with a specific function by clicking a button on the interface.

This is not the same as plug-ins. If we really want to make an analogy, GPTs can be thought of as a collection of plug-ins. ChatGPT is customized for a specific usage scenario. One GPTs can have multiple plug-in functions built in.

Nowadays, few people have production permissions for GPTs, but it is said that many plug-in developers have obtained production permissions, so it is estimated that this wave of production permissions will first be issued to developers who have developed plug-ins before and successfully put them on the shelves.

In addition, although OpenAI official introduction said that currently ChatGPT Plus and enterprise users can use sample GPTs, but when I clicked on it, I still found that there is no permission to use it.

However, it does not affect our developers' quick action. Some developers quickly created a third-party GPTs market, which allows everyone to quickly discover the latest GPTs.

Currently, there are 114 GPTs included on the website, and the number is still increasing. Here I will introduce to you the 114 GPTs currently included. The Chinese introduction comes from GPT4 translation.

Reference links:

GPTsHunter website address: https://www.gptshunter.com/

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