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NVIDIA confirmed that it will "customize" three chips for China and officially launch them on the 16th of this month

NVIDIA confirmed that it will "customize" three chips for China and officially launch them on the 16th of this month

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Hayo News
November 10th, 2023
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According to foreign media reports, after the United States further restricted China’s access to advanced semiconductors last month, Nvidia will release three new artificial intelligence chips for China, aiming to meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence technology in the Chinese market while complying with U.S. regulations. Export controls.

Chip consulting firm SemiAnalysis said Nvidia's three chips are called HGX H20, L20 PCIe and L2 PCIe. People familiar with the matter said the overall performance of the chips has declined compared with chips previously sold by Nvidia in China. Nonetheless, the new graphics processing unit is expected to remain competitive in the Chinese market.

Regarding the above news, Nvidia insiders told Yinshi Finance that the news is true and will be officially launched on the 16th of this month.

In addition, NVIDIA's U.S. headquarters responded to Yinshi Finance: "Thank you very much for contacting us. We have no comment on this news yet."

According to foreign media reports on November 9, citing unnamed supply chain sources, Nvidia has developed a new artificial intelligence chip based on the design of its flagship product H100, and the Chinese company may receive the shipment in the next few days. After the report was released, server supplier Inspur Information (000977.SZ) closed at the daily limit.

This is the second time in more than a year that Nvidia has been forced to reconfigure its products for Chinese customers due to new U.S. regulations. But the Chinese market is crucial to Nvidia, so the company will try its best to maintain its market position.

Analysts at SemiAnalysis wrote in a report to clients on the 9th: "These new chips from Nvidia perfectly cross the boundaries of peak performance and performance density, allowing them to comply with new U.S. regulations."

There are also reports that in response to the new regulatory measures by the US government, Intel also plans to release a new artificial intelligence chip specifically for China. Intel has not yet commented on this.


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