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ChatGPT was exposed to test new features: learn all historical chats, reset memory, and "burn after reading"

ChatGPT was exposed to test new features: learn all historical chats, reset memory, and "burn after reading"

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Hayo News
November 20th, 2023
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ChatGPT may be getting a major new feature .

That is to remember your previous chat content and continue to learn from it (not simply saving history), so as to understand your preferences and information, which can be used in future chats.

For example, you can give it a command to "always write code in python" , and then all the code you ask it to write will be in this language.

When you tell it "I'm going to xx in two weeks," and maybe you ask it some food questions, it will directly recommend that destination.

More than one netizen has discovered that his ChatGPT has been quietly testing this function.

There are also "billion points" of excitement that I haven't experienced yet.

My girlfriend can finally remember me.

There is no doubt that this new feature means that ChatGPT has a soul and is more like a friend than a simple chatbot.

Therefore, some people said that they feel that the brain is almost ready, and the next step is to arrange the body.

Others rated it higher:

Families, we are simply witnessing science fiction-level AI being built before our eyes .

"Learn from your conversations"

Judging from the screenshots exposed by netizens, this new feature will directly become a new Tab in “Settings” named “My ChatGPT” .

It needs to be turned on manually . After clicking the "Learn from your chats" option, ChatGPT can start learning your chat content.

Over time, it will learn more and more about your information and preferences, and continuously adjust its responses to make them more thoughtful and tailored to you.

Of course, there may be some things you don't want it to remember.

No problem at all, just give it a few words after the conversation.

For example, "Forget about the last project I talked to you about."

So, for the conversation just now, ChatGPT simply "burned after reading".

Of course, there is also a reset memory function, which means that once selected, it cannot be undone.

The OpenAI subreddit on Reddit also broke the news that ChatGPT will also launch a "temporary chat" function, which has similar functions to the above.

It not only prevents the current conversation from being learned by ChatGPT, but also prevents it from being saved in the history, so it will not be used to train and improve the model.

Finally, regarding ChatGPT, a new feature for learning chat content, some people said that they were still talking about this two days ago.

Although he just hoped that custom GPTs could be remembered across chats, so that accessing information would be easier and smarter, just like a digital brain.

I didn't expect OpenAI to be so powerful. I directly arranged it on the entire ChatGPT first, and the update speed was very satisfying.

Now, I don’t know when it will be fully online.

And an important question is:

Will it still be exclusive to premium plus members?

Do you expect your GPT to have this new capability?

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