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Has the dust settled? Open AI's coaching change has come to an end, here is a timeline

Has the dust settled? Open AI's coaching change has come to an end, here is a timeline

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November 20th, 2023
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The biggest thing that happened last Saturday was probably the dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman from the board of directors. Judging from the restoration of fermented content in the past few days, the main reason was that some people led by chief scientist llya were dissatisfied with Sam's radical company operations and product strategies. , believes that we should not rush to release the product but should polish the safety of the model. So the other three independent directors on the board of directors were persuaded to remove Sam from his position as CEO. The chairman and president of Open AI also resigned after receiving the news.

After that, the incident continued to ferment. After many OpenAI employees resigned to support Sam, Microsoft asked the board of directors to rehire Sam as CEO, and then negotiations broke down and Sam refused to serve as CEO.

The following is a brief introduction to the main characters in this incident and the timeline development of the incident:

main character

Sam Altman: Former CEO and former board member of OpenAI

Greg Brockman: Former Chairman and President of OpenAI, former Board Member

llya Sutskever: Chief Scientist and Board Member of OpenAI

Adam D'Angelo: OpenAI board member, POE CEO, former CEO of Quora, former CTO of FaceBook

Teasha Mcauley: OpenAI board member, co-founder of Feelow Robots, wife of actor Jouseph

Helen Toner: OpenAI Board Member, Director of Strategy and Foundation Funds at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technologies

Mira Murati: OpenAI CTO, OpenAI acting CEO, once served as senior product manager at Tesla

Emmett Shear: Former CEO of Twitch, current CEO of OpenAI

event timeline

Mainly from the content compiled by Twitter user @Ate-a-Pi, with some supplements. The following times are all Pacific time, and the event progress is as of 11.20 00:30 Pacific time .

  • November 2: Sam is there when the team demonstrates the next big step forward. Three times before in OpenAI's history, most recently with GPT-4, they pushed back the veil of ignorance and pushed the boundaries of discovery. As he watches the latest developments, he's already planning his next move: the money that must be raised, the resources that must be planned.

  • November 4 - Ilya feels uneasy. They've reached a worrying threshold of autonomy, and Aligned Teams are still only adding capabilities rather than emotion, real love for humanity. They need more time to determine research paths rather than rushing to deploy products.

  • November 6th - OpenAI's development day went well. Received many compliments. Over the next few days, they released announced products.

After the development day, Greg and Sam worked hard to raise funds. Their target is a valuation of US$90 billion, which is a threefold increase from US$30 billion. OpenAI recruiters have started calling Google employees, offering four-year contracts of $10 million to $20 million, telling them that if they join now, they will join before the valuation increases.
  • November 9: Greg meets Emanuel Macron for a photo shoot, followed by an investor meeting in Paris. OpenAI is now invested at the level of sovereign wealth funds and European family funds.

  • November 13: In an interview with the Financial Times in London, Sam confirmed for the first time that he had begun developing GPT5 and that he was raising funds.

  • November 14th: OpenAI suspended ChatGPT subscriptions because they were completely incapable of inference. Usage surged after development.

  • November 16: APEC CEO Summit, Sam confirmed next step findings on November 4.

  • The evening of November 16th: Ilya sent a message to Sam, asking to meet at noon the next day. Mira has been notified that she will take over as CEO... which indicates that a secret board meeting must have been held before the information was sent out. Three independent members of the board were convinced by something Ilya showed.

At this time, Ilya felt angry and scared. The fundraising trip took him by surprise. Usage surged and now they don't have enough servers for the research team, which means they have to raise money again to support research. Events began to spiral out of his control.
  • November 17, 10 a.m.: Board meeting begins. Ilya led two 23-year-old staff engineers (rumor has it) to describe the progress and dangers to the board of directors. The meeting turned into an argument when he said they shouldn't raise money, shouldn't expand, and that Sam was traveling without board approval. Sam points out that as CEO, he has to stay ahead of the team and manage the flow of information ahead of time based on the team's needs. "We need more money to build more data centers" Ilya lost his temper. Things came to a climax. A vote was taken. Sam was fired. The board demotes Greg, who is not at the meeting because Sam is authorized to vote on his behalf.

  • November 17, noon: Ilya informs Sam that he is fired. Call Greg and tell him he's been demoted.

  • November 17, 3 hours after Sam was fired: Greg resigned.

  • November 17: Four hours after Greg announces his resignation, he releases a statement outlining what they know about the incident.

  • November 18: OpenAI’s board of directors is discussing returning to the company as CEO with Sam Altman. The board agreed in principle to resign and allow Altman and Brockman to return.

  • November 19: After learning that Sam might return as CEO, OpenAI employees expressed their support for Sam on Twitter with heart emojis, including current CEO Mira.

  • Night of November 19: The deal to bring back Sam Altman has fallen apart, and OpenAI now has its third CEO in one weekend, with former Twitch boss Emmett Shear set to take over.

  • In the early morning of November 20th: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suddenly announced that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman would join Microsoft together with their colleagues to lead a new advanced AI research team. Microsoft will quickly provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Microsoft's research team is indeed the most familiar with the GPT model in the world besides Open AI itself, and can quickly get into research work. At the same time, since GPT itself also runs on Azure, there are not many obstacles in terms of computing power and engineering architecture. It's really courageous for Nadella to make this decision quickly. For Sam, this option is faster than starting a new business, so it's impossible for him not to accept it.

I can't imagine how powerful GPT-5 is, which would make Ilya adopt such a radical strategy to prevent the release. I really want to try it. From the future perspective, this period of time may be another key turning point in the artificial intelligence era in addition to the release of ChatGPT, whether it is the completion of GPT-5 training or the strategic change of Open AI. The amazing thing is that it is almost the first anniversary of the release of ChatGPT. I think Ilya and Sam may not have imagined that their relationship would be like this a year later when ChatGPT was released.

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