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Altman may still return to OpenAI, Microsoft CEO says: open to this

Altman may still return to OpenAI, Microsoft CEO says: open to this

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Hayo News
November 21st, 2023
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that he is open to Sam Altman returning to OpenAI .

Last Friday, OpenAI announced the firing of CEO Sam Altman. In the next few days, this "coup" drama took a turn for the worse.

First, news broke that the OpenAI board of directors was discussing with Altman to return him to the company as CEO. Later, as the reinstatement negotiations broke down, Microsoft Nadella announced that Altman would join the Microsoft camp and lead a new advanced AI research team.

On Monday, media reported that Altman would still be willing to return to OpenAI if the board members who fired him leave, citing people familiar with the matter.

Nadella said in an interview with the media that whether Altman joins Microsoft or returns to OpenAI, the entrepreneur will cooperate with Microsoft . "Wherever Sam is, he will be working with Microsoft," Nadella said.

Nadella said he was not informed of any wrongdoing by Altman at OpenAI. "I remain confident in Sam and his leadership, which is why we welcome him to Microsoft," he said in the interview.

He also said that no matter what, OpenAI needs to reform its governance . "Accidents are not good, we just want to make sure things are done in a way that allows us to work well together," he said. Making major changes without Microsoft's involvement "is not good, and we will certainly make sure that some of the necessary changes happen."

Microsoft is OpenAI’s largest shareholder, holding a 49% stake, and is said to have invested at least $11 billion in the latter.

Since Altman's firing, OpenAI investors have been pressuring the company's board of directors to reverse its decision to oust Altman. However, OpenAI's board of directors ignored investor calls and hired former Twitch CEO Emmett Hill as the company's CEO.

OpenAI investors are seeking legal action against the company's board of directors, sources told the media on Monday. Investors are worried that their huge investments in one of the hottest startups in AI could suffer catastrophic losses as OpenAI appears likely to collapse.

As of Monday, nearly all OpenAI employees had threatened to resign and follow Altman to Microsoft unless the board resigned.