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AI Mathematical Olympiad launches with prize money up to US$5 million

AI Mathematical Olympiad launches with prize money up to US$5 million

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Hayo News
November 29th, 2023
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Recently, the AI ​​Mathematical Olympiad Award supported by Terence Tao was launched, with a prize of up to US$5 million, aiming to find large-scale AI models that can win gold medals in IMO competitions. This competition called AI-MO was initiated by XTX Markets. Its original intention is to promote the mathematical reasoning capabilities of large language models and encourage the development of new AI models that can match the highest level of human mathematics.

The AI-MO competition requires participating AI models to have the same mathematical problem-solving format as humans and the ability to generate readable answers. The preliminary rules of the competition are that the AI ​​model must be scored under IMO standards, and the final results will be announced at the 65th IMO Conference in Bath, England, in July next year. The AI ​​that reaches gold medal level will receive a grand prize of $5 million, while other AI models that "achieve key milestones" will also share the remaining progress prizes, also totaling $5 million.

It is worth noting that in order to be eligible to win, contestants must comply with the AI-MO Public Sharing Agreement, that is, the winning model must be open source. Although the rules of the competition are still under discussion and the organizing committee is recruiting advisory board members and competition directors, this competition has attracted widespread attention and has become one of the hot topics in the technology circle.

Although AI-MO is not an official competition sponsored by IMO, but initiated by XTX Markets, it has caused a lot of waves in the industry. Although no one succeeded in the previous IMO Grand Challenge, this time the AI-MO prize scale was larger and attracted more attention. People in the industry are very interested in which company's AI is most likely to take the lead. Driven by money, whether there will be an AI that can solve difficult mathematical problems and surpass humans to win the IMO gold medal has become one of the focuses of the industry.

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