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AI Weekly #18 AI drawings are protected by copyright

AI Weekly #18 AI drawings are protected by copyright

Hayo News
Hayo News
December 1st, 2023
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This week’s cover: @ReyB

Prompt words: A woman at the window, smiling looking back with a straight hair softly being blown by the wind, portraits focus on the face with a chick blush of pink, portrait. 16.9

News Featured

Stability AI launches open source Vincent graph large model SDXL Turbo

On November 28, Stability AI officially released a new open source Vincent graph model SDXL Turbo. The new model uses a technology called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD), which enables the model to synthesize image output and Generate real-time text-to-image output (as fast as 1 second) while maintaining high sampling fidelity. Performance tests show that SDXL Turbo beats LCM-XL's 4 steps in 1 step and SDXL's 50 steps. Although it has limitations, it can only be used for academic research and generates 512x512 fixed pixel images, but technological breakthroughs can help small and medium-sized enterprises apply it at low cost.

SDXL Turbo can already be experienced on clipdrop or downloaded from Hugging Face , but it is not yet open for commercial use.

Pika Labs version 1.0 released

On November 29, American AI startup Pika labs released its first product Pika 1.0. This product can generate and edit 3D animations, cartoons, cartoons and movies. Its officially released videos have become popular due to their stunning effects, which has greatly expanded the imagination of the investment circle in the field of AI video entrepreneurship. It is understood that Pika labs has received US$55 million in financing. According to Forbes, Pika labs is currently valued at between US$200 million and US$300 million.

The new features of Pika 1.0 mainly include the following aspects: First, generate videos with text and images. You only need to enter a few lines of text or upload images to create short, high-quality videos; second, edit and change videos and enter relevant text. , to achieve the addition, subtraction or change of elements such as background environment, clothing and props; the third is to switch video styles, such as converting between black and white, animation and other different styles; the fourth is to change the aspect ratio of the video.

Pika labs was established in April this year, and the team currently has only 4 full-time members. Among them, founder and CEO Demi Guo and co-founder and chief technology officer Chenlin Meng are both top Stanford students. Interestingly, Guo Wenjing participated in Runway’s first AI Film Festival last year but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Judgment on the first copyright infringement case of AI-generated pictures: The first instance found that AI-generated pictures are protected by copyright

Recently, the Beijing Internet Court issued a first-instance judgment on a copyright infringement dispute involving artificial intelligence-generated images (AI painting images). It is reported that this case is the first copyright case in the field of AI-generated images. The plaintiff, Mr. Li, used AI to generate the pictures involved in the case and published them on the Xiaohongshu platform; the defendant, a blogger on Baijiahao, used the pictures generated by the plaintiff's AI in the articles published, and the plaintiff sued. The trial held that the artificial intelligence-generated pictures (AI painting pictures) involved in the case have the element of "originality" and reflect people's original intellectual investment. They should be recognized as works and protected by copyright law .

Click here to view the original text of the judgment

Altman officially returns to OpenAI as CEO

On November 29, local time, OpenAI founder Sam Altman and new board chairman Bret Taylor announced in a memo to employees that he would return to the position of OpenAI CEO (CEO ), Mira Murati, who served as interim CEO, will continue as chief technology officer (CTO), and Microsoft will receive a non-voting observer seat on the company's board of directors.

In the letter, Altman also proposed three major priorities for OpenAI: he and Mulati will work together to advance the research plan and further invest in full-stack security work; continue to improve and deploy our products to provide services to customers; The three members of the new board will work to create a "diverse" board, improve corporate governance and oversee an independent review of recent events.


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