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HeyGen launches Avatar2.0, Instant Avatar instant virtual clone

HeyGen launches Avatar2.0, Instant Avatar instant virtual clone

Hayo News
Hayo News
December 6th, 2023
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HeyGen's "Instant Avatar" is a new technology that simplifies the creation of personalized avatars in as little as 5 minutes, democratizing advanced studio technology. It supports scalable custom video content and multi-language capabilities through translation tools. This innovation will change the way businesses create videos, enabling unique storytelling and personalized interactions.

– It only takes 5 minutes to create a virtual clone of yourself using your mobile phone.

– Multi-language support: Supports the creation of multi-language content through built-in translation tools.

– Lip synchronization: Supports lip synchronization and multi-language sound matching

– Free to use: And this service is free…

Users can use this technology to create scalable, customized video content that can be synced to all platforms around the world.

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