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The world's top ten engineering achievements in 2023 are released: ChatGPT, China Space Station, etc. selected

The world's top ten engineering achievements in 2023 are released: ChatGPT, China Space Station, etc. selected

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December 20th, 2023
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Today (December 20), the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other units released the top ten global engineering achievements in 2023 and the "Global Engineering Frontiers 2023" report in Beijing.

The top ten global engineering achievements in 2023 released this time include: ChatGPT, China Space Station, exascale supercomputer, Baihetan Hydropower Station, double asteroid redirection test, RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccine, Hongmeng operating system, Spot & Atlas Robots, lithium-ion power batteries, unmanned aircraft.

The "Global Engineering Frontiers 2023" report mainly focuses on machinery and carrier engineering, information and electronic engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy and materials engineering, energy and mining engineering, civil, water conservancy and construction engineering, environment and textile engineering, agriculture, medicine, health and engineering It manages 9 fields and evaluates a total of 93 engineering research frontiers and 94 engineering development frontiers.

The report points out that the global engineering frontier in 2023 will present three major characteristics:

First, emerging frontiers continue to evolve. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are developing in depth. Emerging technologies such as robots, large models, quantum chips, synthetic biology, and pan-genomes continue to make breakthroughs, providing new momentum for global scientific and technological and industrial innovation.

The second is cross-cutting edge integration innovation. Interdisciplinary integration continues to advance, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, and renewable energy are accelerating their penetration and integration into various fields, moving towards intelligence, unmanned, precision, and low-carbonization, giving rise to new models of global technological and industrial innovation and development.

The third is to develop in-depth application frontiers. Driven by application scenarios, oriented by solving complex problems, multi-objective collaboration, multi-dimensional consideration, coordinating the local and the whole, ontology and environment, quantity and quality, quality and efficiency, to expand a new pattern of global science and technology and industrial innovation.

Since 2017, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has organized and carried out global engineering frontier research projects every year. Relying on the 9 academic departments of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the research team of the "Engineering" series of journals of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, it has evaluated and released nearly a hundred engineering research frontiers and engineering development frontiers around the world that year, and released them every year. Global engineering frontier reports in Chinese and English, in order to play a leading role in academic research and guide the innovative development of engineering science and technology and industry.