Superb! Can’t beat the prices of 16th century Oxford St. 😆
keep an eye on n_reruns, they’re producing some beautiful work with #generativeai

Interdimensional TV: Renaissance by Gucci - Watch Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Machiavelli, and Galileo experience drip in 1585

Made with: midjourney, elevenlabsio, and D_ID_
Full video:

Renaissance by Gucci
What a mind blowing trailer for a movie that we can only dream will be made 🤯 CuriousRefuge did a masterful job here of mixing #GenerativeAI tools 🛠️. Thanks for choosing D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio to bring your beautiful images to life.

Curious Refuge: What if Wes Anderson directed The Lord of the Rings? We asked the community which video they want to see next and Lord of the Rings took the cake… or should we say Elven bread. We hope you enjoy this Midjourney to Middle-Earth.

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