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Midjourney amazes me with its ability to generate creative images from short descriptions. The AI continues to improve over time through feedback and with greater access to training data. However, it has some limitations. The images can lack coherent themes, contain unrealistic elements or have stylistic inconsistencies. Human artists and creatives will still be very much needed to shape, craft and curate visual media. AI will augment human creativity but should not be viewed as a substitute for real artistic talent. There is a synergy to be found between humans and machines.
As an artist, Midjourney fascinates and terrifies me in equal measure. To see an AI generate complex digital art with so little effort is unsettling. Yet it also expands my mind to new creative possibilities. I think AI will be a complement to human creators, not a replacement. We will collaborate together, with the human imagination guiding AI tools like Midjourney to achieve extraordinary results. I hope Midjourney inspires more creativity in humans, not less.
Hey everyone to celebrate the new v5.1 release we are turning on free-trials from now through the end of the weekend.

Old accounts that previously used a midjourney trial (but never got a paid membership) are now also refreshed / re-enabled for a new trial too.

Give the new v5.1 a shot and enjoy!

Other notes
- Due to technical issues we can't reenable trials for people who had paid accounts but don't anymore. Maybe next time!
- We also have plenty of GPUs for trial members this weekend (we have fewer users on weekends anyway)
To celebrate the launch of V5.1 we're turning free trials back on from now until the end of the weekend. We've also refreshed the trial credits for anyone who previously tried Midjourney but didn't get a membership. Have fun!