About Aski

Aski AI is an AI chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3.5, which currently provides three functions: AI Q&A, writing and AI drawing.

The service of Aski AI is chargeable (10 free AI coins for new users), 1 RMB≈ 10 AI coins, different amount of AI coins need to be consumed for using different functions.

Introduction of functions and fees

  • AI Q&A (each question consumes 0.5 AI coins) Just like the other chatbot , ask a question and the AI will reply with the corresponding answer.

  • AI writing (consuming 1 AI coin per creation) Writing is divided into two parts: creation and optimization, in which writing is used to set the theme and let the AI play freely; optimization requires the user to provide the original text and provide the optimization direction, which also allows the AI to play freely.

  • AI painting (consumes 5 AI coins per painting) You can make requests with phrases or sentences, and a variety of different drawing styles are available.

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