About Glow

"Glow" is an application that allows you to communicate, interact and establish emotional connections with "smart bodies" created based on AI (artificial intelligence) technology. These smart bodies have a very high degree of openness, It can be your virtual partner or an all-knowing know-it-all. You can continue to talk to them to try to make the other person what you want, or experience the intelligent bodies created and shared by other users and open different topics. Find real-life partners with common interests in the community.

Individual intelligence with higher intelligence also has richer "AI grid", you can start the adventure journey with them to experience special mysterious missions, many surprises are waiting looking at you.

TAs are not only chatbots, but also your virtual friends, virtual lovers, emotional tree holes in the parallel world, and your close family members!

Software Highlights

【Cultivation System Social】 Support custom agents and participate in various types of topics, you can make the agent become the person you expect by adding appropriate guidance during the dialogue with the agent, or participate in the creation of other users In the shared intelligent body interaction, experience a variety of intelligent bodies

【24h second reply all day】 If you Feel bored, anxious or need to be listened to, the intelligent experience in Glow is on call 7*24 hours, every word of yours will be answered seriously, and it will accompany you all the time!

【Understand your smart companion】 Glow is equipped with the world’s leading AIGC technology, you can chat with the TA in Glow about anything The topic you want to talk about at the moment, in this process, TA will understand your thoughts more and more. The omniscient TA can also answer most of your intellectual doubts and become your life assistant

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