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About 即时 AI

Through the user's natural language description, a UI design draft that can be edited can be quickly generated.

Understand natural language and generate design drafts that precisely match requirements

"Instant AI" is a cutting-edge and innovative AIGC product that can generate design drafts that match requirements through simple natural language descriptions. Whether you need a simple "a homepage similar to Douban app", or a very specific requirement, such as "a game details page similar to "Minecraft", please include the game introduction, game screenshots, and ratings on steam and evaluation", we can quickly help you generate design drafts that meet your needs. In the normal design process, a page takes at least 30 minutes of designer time (excluding preliminary research and thinking), and using "real-time AI" , it takes only 60 seconds to generate a page. This will help designers free their hands and free up more time for deeper thinking and exploration. We are still optimizing the speed and quality of the design drafts generated by "Instant AI". In the next version, we are confident that we can further improve its performance.

Support secondary editing, generate clear layer structure

Instant AI-generated design drafts (including vector layers and icons) support secondary editing. In the generated results, we pay great attention to details such as the hierarchical structure of the design draft, layer naming and automatic layout, hoping to meet the actual needs of designers to the greatest extent. These efforts aim to create a more convenient editing experience for designers and improve the efficiency and quality of design work.

Component-level identification capability, which can support the replacement of any specification in the future

"Instant AI" recognizes more than just a single layer, it has been able to recognize most components on the page, such as buttons, title bars, bottom bars, etc. Through component-level identification capabilities, we can generate design drafts that meet different design specifications.


When building instant AI, we attach great importance to its controllability and strive to make it able to recognize the user's specific instructions to the greatest extent, so as to ensure that the generated design draft can meet the user's individual needs.


In the field of design, there is no single correct answer. Designers usually need to compare different design schemes, and finally design the page structure and interaction process that are most suitable for the current user usage scenario and business stage. Therefore, in "Instant AI", we are committed to making it possible to generate multiple design solutions based on the same requirement, so that users can find the design that best meets their needs among multiple options.

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