About Smarty

Welcome to Smarty, the ultimate AI-powered keyboard app for iOS! Smarty is not just any ordinary keyboard app - it’s your personal assistant that can help you draft any message in any app, from essays and argument emails to even talking to your crush.

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With Smarty, you don’t have to worry about writer’s block or struggling to find the right words. Our AI technology can have a conversation with you and provide suggestions for your message in real-time. Smarty can even help summarize any article, website or YouTube video (as long as it’s CCed) into your own language, making it easy to understand and share with others.

Smarty is also a powerful translation tool that can translate any messages into your preferred language. Whether you’re communicating with friends or colleagues from different parts of the world, Smarty can help break down language barriers and facilitate smooth communication.

Don’t settle for a basic keyboard app - upgrade to Smarty and take your messaging game to the next level! Download Smarty now and start having intelligent conversations with the world around you.

AI assistance can require a significant amount of computing power, therefore to use Smarty unlimitedly, we offer two subscription options.

  1. Smarty Annual Subscription. Billed as one payment of \(29.99 and averagely for about \)2.5 a month

  2. Smarty Monthly Subscription. Billed monthly for $4.99.

Before hitting the paywall, every user can enjoy some complimentary messages. The number depends on how long and complicated each question is.

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