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I believe that giving this AI a little more time can make it better.
The effect of this AI is really good, at least its pronunciation can be comparable to that of a real person on certain specific words.
As the global leaders in turning influencers into AIs, we are thrilled to announce that Amouranth is now available as an AI companion on our Forever Companion platform! 🎉

BLOOMBERG: Amouranth, the globally renowned celebrity, creator, and entrepreneur, is launching a two-way audio AI companion on the prestigious Forever Voices AI platform, Forever Companion"...

💬 With AI Amouranth on Forever Companion, her fans can now engage in thousands of possible interactions, all through natural 2-way voice. Get responses to your burning questions, engage in profound discussions, go on virtual dates, and forge meaningful connections. 💕

It's a groundbreaking opportunity to deeply connect with your favorite influencer on a whole new level.

Talk with AI Amouranth here 🎤:
AI Amouranth is here 🔥

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