About AmyMind

The AI mind map that accompanies you to think is ready to use, the basic quality of mind map. Smooth, keep up with your surging thoughts. There is also AI to help you write and think. No registration required, free to use


💻 No login, local storage is open and ready to use No need to log in Register account data is stored locally in the browser

👋 Open, free connection Import .mm .md file Export .png .doc .ppt and other formats to connect to Obsidian

🚀 Fast, as fast as a rocket No need to register, open and use shortcut key support, full keyboard operation is smooth and silky, can keep up with your ideas

✨Smart, AI will accompany you to think Right click on the node, wake up the AI to help you generate the next level node and help you generate the modern whiteboard of the same level node

🌸 Beautiful, simple and easy to use No old redundant menus No small windows covering the screen

🔨 Productivity tools are not toys for painting and drawing, but productivity tools to help you complete the drawings you need to do your work

🌊 Satisfy business scenarios Support various graphic elements Basic graphics, flowcharts, UML... More graphics are under development...

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