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An artificial intelligence-driven, online AI one-click tool to generate documents, flowcharts, and mind maps. It can help you quickly create various types of documents, mind maps, or flowcharts, improving your work efficiency and creativity.

Only the keyword name is needed, and AI can generate corresponding documents, flowcharts or mind maps with one click, and it can be used without registration.

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多墨智慧這款AI幫到我很多,這個工具真是太强大了! 它給我在不同的項目和學習領域中都帶來了極大的幫助。 在編輯過程中,多墨智慧可以自動識別目標內容的内容,然後幫助我們生成相應的文檔格式和圖表,這真的是太神奇了! 我超喜歡!
As an intelligent tool, "Multi Ink Intelligence" not only improves work efficiency, but also helps users focus more on content creation and organization, improving work quality and results. It is an excellent AI tool and an indispensable helper for users who need to frequently generate documents, flowcharts, and mind maps.
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shadow die twice
This AI is very user-friendly, with a clean and beautiful interface design, an easy to operate way, and most importantly, it can accurately and efficiently complete instructions. Whether it is a mind map or a text document, the scope of thinking is also quite comprehensive.