About Scenex

Welcome to SceneXplain, an API service that tells the stories behind images. We apply state-of-the-art large models to every detail on images to generate detailed textual descriptions for each image. If you are a developer, you can effortlessly integrate our algorithms into multimodal applications via the SceneXplain API.

Say goodbye to bland captions! SceneXplain utilizes state-of-the-art large-scale language models to explain the complex stories behind pixels, surpassing the limitations of traditional algorithms. Come and discover the engaging and professional image storytelling experience behind SceneXplain!

large scale language model

SceneXplain leverages state-of-the-art large-scale models and large-scale language models to generate comprehensive, complex text descriptions for your images, surpassing traditional captioning algorithms.

multilingual support

SceneXplain's powerful AI technology provides seamless multilingual support, enabling users to receive accurate and meaningful multilingual descriptions.

API integration

SceneXplain provides comprehensive API integration, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate our image annotation service into their multimodal applications.

Fast Batch Performance

Experience performance of up to 3 queries per second (QPS), ensuring that SceneXplain provides timely and efficient text descriptions of your images.

ChatGPT plugin

You can use SceneXplain as a ChatGPT plugin. Together with other plugins, you can accomplish a wide range of complex tasks, such as buying skins.

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