About Magi

What is Google’s Magi?

Magi is Google’s attempt to upgrade its existing search engine with AI features that will try to anticipate what users want to know based on their queries and preferences. Magi will also be more conversational than Google’s current search engine, which means users will be able to interact with a chatbot that can provide contextual information and suggestions.

How does Google respond to Magi?

Google has not officially confirmed the existence of Magi or its features, but it has acknowledged that it is bringing AI to its search engine for years. A Google spokesperson said that the company is excited about bringing new AI-powered features to search soon.

What are the challenges and implications of Magi?

Building a new AI-powered search engine is not an easy task, as it involves many technical and ethical challenges. One of the main challenges is ensuring the quality and reliability of the generated content and information. Another challenge is ensuring the privacy and security of the users’ data and preferences. A third challenge is ensuring the fairness and accountability of the AI models and algorithms.

The official website has yet to come.

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