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About WPS AI

Kingsoft Office stated that "WPS AI" is a generative artificial intelligence application based on a large language model, which can help generate documents, support multiple rounds of dialogue, and process existing documents. This technology will be first applied to the new generation of online content collaborative editing tool "light documents", and will be gradually embedded in the entire line of Kingsoft Office products.

Specifically, "WPS AI" can provide users with the following core functions.

One is document generation. Users only need to enter a topic or an outline, and then "WPS AI" can automatically generate a complete article, whether it is news, comments, stories, reports, etc. Various types of text can be handled. The generated articles are not only grammatically correct and logically clear, but also conform to the text style and industry norms.

The second is multiple rounds of dialogue. Users can control the generation of content through multiple and continuous natural language inputs, further improving creative efficiency. For example, users can specify the title, abstract, keywords, paragraph structure and other elements of the article, and can also modify, supplement, delete and other operations on the generated content, allowing "WPS AI" to adjust and optimize in real time according to user feedback.

The third is document processing. Users can use "WPS AI" to process existing documents, including summarizing, extracting key information, checking errors, optimizing typesetting and other functions. "WPS AI" can summarize multiple documents to extract core ideas and conclusions, and can also generate summaries of different lengths and forms according to user needs. In addition, "WPS AI" can also check the grammar, spelling, punctuation and other aspects of the document to improve the quality and standardization of the document.

Kingsoft Office said that "WPS AI" will further advance in three directions, including AIGC (AI generated content), reading comprehension and question answering, and human-computer interaction. Among them, AIGC refers to the use of AI technology to generate various types of content, such as articles, charts, videos, etc., to meet the different needs and scenarios of users. Reading comprehension and question answering refers to the use of AI technology to conduct in-depth analysis of texts, provide accurate and useful answers, and help users obtain the information they need. Human-computer interaction refers to the use of AI technology to realize natural language and multi-modal interaction methods to improve user experience and office efficiency.

Kingsoft Office stated that "WPS AI" will be gradually opened for public testing. The name is just a code name, and the final naming needs to wait for the follow-up official announcement.

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