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About 50000赫兹

50000Hz (Hertz) Audio Studio is dedicated to providing powerful, effective and high-quality help and guidance to rap artists. Before that, we invested heavily in finding the sound of classical rap music. We've been working tirelessly along the way - from digital to analog - from recording to mixing. After years of research and understanding, we have developed the proud intelligent mixing algorithm - MIX-BOX, aiming to provide the right sound for rap artists. This is a powerful self-computing audio processing engine. It creates your sound in an unattended scene, gives you the sound you want, and tries to ensure the correct equalizer settings. Over the past six years, we have simulated the sonic characteristics of many artists, which makes this algorithm even more powerful. With this technology, you get many of the mixing characteristics of a professional artist, but it's not an outdated method of mixing with presets. It will recalculate all differences between the specified artist and your vocal material, compare and intelligently correct. Plus, in the age of cheap digital audio, people are always complaining about their sound quality. There's no denying that the cold, rough digital signal has plagued most unsuccessful artists compared to the days of analog audio. It is difficult for you to use expensive analog audio processors to process your sound, because these processors often cost hundreds of thousands, or even millions, which makes many talented musicians buried. The MIX-BOX algorithm solves this problem to a large extent. If you choose to add a real audio processor to your mix to further optimize your mix, MIX-BOX will be connected to the real analog equipment in our headquarters when processing your material , and automatically add it to your mix. This way you can get the sound of a true analog audio processor for a very low price. The classic analog audio processors we use are true sound legends. All produced in 1970-2010 (vintage), the cumulative price can reach 1.3 million yuan (RMB). So you just need to get your dry sound standard enough and you can easily use the best analog hardware in the world. Cheers to the common cause of music. ——50000 Hz studio

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