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About 风声雨声·帮你读

GPT-based content learning service—let AI help you read and solve puzzles to quickly extract information|You can ask questions at any time|Minute-level response speed|No need to read in advance

Paper reports, contract books, let AI help you read them

Let AI be your best assistant. It only takes a few minutes to understand the article and actively help you summarize the content. You can ask it anytime and anywhere to answer your doubts. Quickly understand the content of the file and find the information you want to know.

help you read

Directly use Chinese to ask questions about foreign language documents, no need to spend time looking up dictionaries, and no need to worry about language barriers. Just prepare the questions and leave the analysis and answering to AI.

operation method

Upload files Upload the files you need to read or analyze, and wait for the index creation to complete

Start asking questions Like a conversation, ask your question and wait for AI to give you the answer

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