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About 风声雨声

ChatGPT-based translation service - high-quality translation of book document subtitles in nine languages

Multi-format support

Wind and Rain supports many of the most common file formats including epub, pdf, word, srt, and txt, covering more than 95% of file translation scenarios, including book reports and manual subtitles.

GPT high-quality translation

Our translation service is based on GPT-3.5, which can adapt to various languages and contexts, and has a strong context understanding ability to perfectly restore the meaning of the original text. The actual translation effect far exceeds Google, DeepL and other similar services.

multilingual version

Fengshengyusheng provides translation services covering mainstream languages around the world, and has supported translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. More languages are being supported gradually.

Award-winning translation quality

Users from all walks of life, evaluation and feedback after using our translation service

common problem

1 How do you charge for translating documents? We will calculate the specific translation price based on the word count of the file you upload, determine the actual translation fee based on the word count, and start the translation after payment.

2 How do we protect our users' privacy? We take user data and privacy very seriously. Files uploaded by users and translated files are encrypted for transmission and safe storage, and will be deleted 24 hours after the translation is completed.

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