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Webpilot is a free, open source "Copilot for the web". Can let you chat freely with the web page, or automatically quarrel with the netizen. Unlike ChatGPT, there is no need to chat or switch pages, and no back and forth copy and paste.

The current version of Webpilot is developed based on gpt-3.5-turbo. It binds some common prompt sentences with shortcut commands, and realizes the operation of the selected text in the web page by requesting and displaying the results through the API.

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Note: Webpilot is currently in the Pre-Release version, and the official version will be launched within the next month, and it will continue to iterate (it will always remain open source & free).

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Strongly recommend the Chrome plug-in of WebPilot, now you can experience WebPilot without ChatGPT Plus, after installing the WebPilot plug-in Webpilot - Copi... link, the menu can pop up through the plug-in menu or the shortcut key of Ctrl+`.

Refer to the demonstration in the video, you can summarize the webpage, translate the full text of the webpage, and ask questions based on the content of the webpage! Free users have a free quota of 50 times, which is enough if the frequency of use is not high, or you can use your own Key.

I took a look at the packet capture, and the default is GPT3.5 16K, so the general web page length translation and summary are enough.

In addition, the project is open source, from which you can learn a lot of Prompt usage skills.

Project address: github.com/webpilot-ai/Webpilothttps://t.co/bXOKXDNJ7u