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About MOSS

MOSS is an open source dialogue language model that supports Chinese-English bilingual and various plug-ins. The moss-moon series models have 16 billion parameters, and can run on a single A100/A800 or two 3090 graphics cards at FP16 precision, and at INT4/8 precision It can run on a single 3090 graphics card. The MOSS pedestal language model is pre-trained on about 700 billion Chinese, English and code words. After fine-tuning of dialogue instructions, plug-in enhanced learning and human preference training, it has the ability to have multiple rounds of dialogue and the ability to use multiple plug-ins.

Limitations: Due to the small number of model parameters and the autoregressive generation paradigm, MOSS may still generate misleading replies containing factual errors or harmful content containing prejudice/discrimination, please carefully identify and use the content generated by MOSS, and do not use MOSS The generated harmful content is distributed to the Internet. If adverse consequences occur, the disseminator shall be responsible for them.

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