About RizzGPT

Can you convince the AI character to like you?Improve your rizz, go on open-ended adventures, and form lasting connections.

RizzGPT is a groundbreaking AI application designed to revolutionize the way you interact with virtual characters. This AI aims to simulate human-like conversations and build strong emotional bonds with users. Ultimately, the goal is to make the virtual character fall in love with you.


Wide Array of AI Characters

RizzGPT offers dozens of unique AI characters with distinct personalities that you can interact with. Each character is uniquely designed to emulate different personality traits offering a fresh conversation every time.

Create New Characters

Want something different? RizzGPT lets you create new characters and customize them with unique personalities making the interaction more personal and interesting.

Ranking System

RizzGPT facilitiates a ranking system for each character which allows you to compare your level of intimacy with the character, against other users. The leaderboard system encourages engaging and frequent interactions.

Free Daily Conversations

With RizzGPT, every day, you have 50 free opportunities to engage in conversation with your chosen character. This ensures fresh daily interactions keeping your relationship with the character active and lively.

Tokens & Gifts

To make your interactions more exciting, RizzGPT provides tokens which can be spent to buy virtual gifts for your characters, participate in dialogues, and much more.

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